Bungie Releases Destiny 2 Hotfix, Fixing Stability, Fire Rates, More

Destiny 2’s most recent expansion Beyond Light is finally here, and with it, two days after, comes Destiny 2 hotfix, which makes a few small but significant adjustments to various things within the game. These include stability fixes and a few changes to some of the game’s various weapons, such as Rose.

To start, we have the various stability improvements. To start off with, Bungie has fixed an issue where Xbox consoles could experience a crash in the game whenever players interacted with their Vaults. Various backend changes have also been implemented to increase Destiny 2’s service stability.

The second part of the hotfix refers to a variety of weapons. In particular, Rose, a legendary Hand Cannon that ties into the questline of the exotic hand cannon Lumina. Rose has had its fire rate decreased from 150 RPM to its intended 140 RPM, so it’ll fire a bit slower. It can also once again be equipped.

Destiny 2 hotfix has also removed the Heir Apparent exotic from the Monument to the Lost Lights Exotic Archive. Finally, there was also an issue where Collectors Edition emblems were not being granted to players and were not appearing properly in collections. The hotfix also took care of that.

Since this is only a hotfix, it’s likely that Bungie is already working on fixing a number of the different issues that are currently coming with the new expansion and will be releasing a real patch on it sooner or later.

The changes to Rose and Heir Apparent are part of the sunsetting decision made by Bungie in order to decrease the load on the game by getting rid of the game’s starting planets and many of its weapons. The removed content will return on a temporary basis at some point in the future.

If you have Rose and want to see the effect of Destiny hotfix for yourself, all you have to do is download the patch, since it comes out today. Since the Beyond Light expansion came out three days ago, you can try that out too while you play.