Bungie Announces Destiny 2 Gambit Changes Ahead Of Joker’s Wild Release

Destiny 2 Gambit changes are ahead when the next season of the game, Joker's Wild, rolls around in early March as part of the Annual Pass.

The next new season of Destiny 2 is coming soon, and today Bungie announced some Destiny 2 Gambit changes that would be coming ahead of the Joker’s Wild release. Joker’s Wild will be a season mostly focused around the mysterious Drifter and various things related to him, though we don’t know much yet.

Destiny 2’s Gambit mode is a variant on its multiplayer, where two teams of four players kill enemies to collect Motes of Light that they then deposit in a central bank. Doing so allows them to summon a Taken monster known as a Primeval, which they have to kill to win the best of three rounds. Players from the other team can also invade from time to time, killing players and causing them to lose their hard-earned motes.

Some of the Destiny 2 Gambit changes players will be facing are mainly minor. Blockers, Taken that are sent to the enemy team to keep them from banking motes, will be having their races changed. Banking five motes will send a Taken Goblin to the other side, ten motes a Taken Captain, and fifteen motes a beefed-up Taken Knight.

If both players have won a round, then the third round will still exist. However, to make it more like a Sudden Death match, both teams will have their Primevals summoned from the beginning, and will have to kill it before the other team can kill theirs.

Bungie has also addressed the issue of players going AFK (away-from-keyboard) and not participating. If you leave your character idle for a certain amount of time, you won’t be receiving any awards at the end of Gambit matches, so get out there and fight!

Joker’s Wild will be coming out on March 5, so if you’ve been missing from Gambit for a while, that will probably be the best time to get in on it and experience the Destiny 2 Gambit changes. Gambit also allows you to net new weapons and gear, so you can probably keep playing Gambit to get it. A new Exotic quest much like the most recent one to get The Last Word will also be coming, likely offering a chance to get its evil twin, Thorn.

You’ll need the Destiny 2 Annual Pass in order to access the Joker’s Wild content, so if you haven’t gotten it yet and have already missed out on the Season of the Forge this season, now’s the best time to get it.

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