Bungie Teases Major Changes For Destiny 2 In 2021

Bungie has apparently been sitting on some major gameplay changes that will be hitting Destiny 2 in the coming months.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, assistant game director Joe Blackburn stated that 2021 will be “a little different” for Destiny 2. He teased that the “best days are ahead” but Bungie will need some time to “validate” its content roadmap.

“Expect a state of Destiny 2021 next season,” added Blackburn, which arrives in a few weeks. While players will naturally be looking forward to Bungie making a ton of announcements, the way Blackburn made it sound suggests that the developer will be only highlighting a few upcoming changes while having players wait for a full-blown reveal somewhere down the road.

Destiny 2 is now a self-published game of Bungie after the developer split from Activision back in 2019. That was in many ways appreciated by fans. Beyond Light was the first of three expansions to release last year after the split and which brought a lot of changes. The new content helped the game evolve in many ways but also irked players for some controversial meta-shifting attempts.

The Witch Queen and Lightfall are the remaining two expansions which will be providing content all the way through 2021 and 2022. Bungie will probably be bringing in further changes with each expansion much like Beyond Light to change the way the looter-shooter is meant to be played. The next state of Destiny will hopefully shed some light on those future plans.

Destiny 2 is now available on all major platforms. That covers Google Stadia as well as the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S consoles.

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