Bungie And Activision Split Was Only Due To Creative Differences, Not ill-Feeling

Early this year, Bungie was able to finally extricate itself out from underneath Bungie, allowing it to do what it wanted with Destiny in the future. However, David Dague (otherwise known as Deej), the studio’s communications director, says the Bungie and Activision split was an amicable one, rather than because of ill will.

Bungie originally partnered with Activision before Destiny was even released back in 2014 in order to help the game be published. However, the game was eventually successful enough that Bungie was able to start self-publishing the game, allowing themselves full creative control.

Due to its status as the publisher, and its past reputation, Activision was blamed for a number of things that went wrong with the series, ranging from its dodgy first outing with a disjointed story that was one of the biggest criticisms of the original games, to the focus on microtransactions in the second, which came at the expense of endgame content.

Various other sources claim that Activision wanted Destiny to be much more of a revenue producer, and introduce more microtransactions into the mix, while Bungie wanted the opposite, and so the split resulted. Activision was also previously cited as being unimpressed with the sales numbers of the Forsaken expansion, while Bungie was pleased.

However, the Bungie and Activision split doesn’t seem to have negatively impacted the game. Destiny 2 will soon be wrapping up its “Annual Pass” phase, which included three different seasons involving different plot arcs involving the new Black Armory faction, the Drifter, and Emperor Callus.

The first true expansion pack since Forsaken, entitled Shadowkeep, will see players returning to the Moon to combat a new threat of Hive, while most recently the game’s Solstice of Heroes event has been running to get players to gain powerful new armor through completing various challenges.

Along with Shadowkeep, Bungie will also be releasing Destiny 2: New Light, a free-to-play version of Destiny 2 that will allow more players to come in and play the game for free, only having to pay for each expansion. Both New Light and Shadowkeep will be releasing October 1.

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