Bully and Catherine Now On Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility List

Two more classic (in a sense) Xbox 360 games have been added to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility service, adding yet more games to the now hundreds-strong store category. Bully and Catherine, two games that made waves when they were released, are now available for Xbox One gamers to play.

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Bully and Catherine are two games that seem to almost be on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum: Bully being an open-world adventure game about a troublemaker who’s accepted into a prestigious school (and must make his name among its various factions), while Catherine is a sort of endless-runner puzzle-solving and platforming game focusing on an unambitious man named Vincent as he tries to survive recurring nightmares while trying to stay loyal to his girlfriend.

Both games got fairly good reviews when they came out, and became fairly popular as well (Catherine’s platforming sections are actually an EVO category), so with the lack of a sequel to either of those games, it’s likely that Bully and Catherine being backwards compatible on the Xbox One is the closest they’ll get to a sequel.

Xbox One’s backwards compatibility service has been very popular in the two years since its release, with many highly popular games such as the Gears of War series, the Mass Effect trilogy, Halo Reach, Bayonetta, and just a few days ago all three of the Bioshock games becoming available on it.

For gamers that are still in school, Bully might be just the thing you need now that winter break is close to starting, so if you’ve been wanting to work off some stress after your semester exams, you can get it. For those of you in relationship troubles or who just want to be challenged by sliding block puzzles, you could also get Catherine.

Bully and Catherine have also been joined on the service today by Raskulls, Skydive, Planets Under Attack, and, if you live in Japan, CLANNAD.