Bully 2 Confirmation Rumors Resurface Thanks To A Rockstar Developer

Bully is the Rockstar video game that we've never seen or heard of being continued or succeeded with a sequel,...

Bully is the Rockstar video game that we’ve never seen or heard of being continued or succeeded with a sequel, despite its popularity. The only hints to it we’ve seen were through rumors. Now, a fresh rumor has surfaced from a Youtuber Swegta. Now if you’re wondering why I’m even bringing this up, since there’s plenty of rumors out there; this Bully 2 rumor has a bit of weight because it has been reinforced by someone who may be working for Rockstar Games.

So the video describes a post back in January which had a comment on it by one Alex Martens. The comment basically affirmed the fact that Bully 2 was indeed in development at Rockstar games.

Alex Martens is a technical designer at Rockstar who left comments on multilple Youtube channels covering Bully 2 news, confirming the development of it. But is the account authentic?

Of course, we can’t really know for sure if this is the real Martens since internet trolls do exist. Though this is one dedicated troll if that’s the case. Not only was Martens relatively unknown in the community as is.

He’s also gained a small following of over a 100 subscribers which is more than a troll account can get. This along with the emphasis on Bully 2 theories and content makes for a strong allibi. Especially since Bully itself is sort of a niche following as compared to Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption.

We were made aware by a Rockstar statement not long ago that GTA 6 would never release in the current political climate. This was specifically directed at Grand Theft Auto 6 but could it have been Rockstar’s message regarding any of its games?

That’s a hint against the possibility of a Bully sequel. In counter argument to that, there’s been casting calls regarding roles filling academy students. College level to be more specific.

Bully originally took place in Bullworth academy, it was sort of a much more tamed version of Grand Theft Auto. Gangs being replaced by fraternities, cops by faculty and protagonists by bully types. That’s why the game could still exist in today’s outrage culture. Though it’s never a good idea to underestimate them.

Hopefully we get a Bully 2 release date announcement from Rockstar Games soon.

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