Bulletstorm Electrofly Swarm Location Guide

You need to destroy all Electrofly Swarm in Bulletstorm single player campaign to unlock Pest Control achievement/trophy. These Electrofly Swarm are swarms of small blue flies. You need to get rid of 21 swarms to unlock this achievement/trophy and thats where our Bulletstorm Electrofly Swarm Location Guide comes in handy.

Bulletstorm Electrofly Swarm Location Guide

Below is the complete list of all 21 Electrofly Swarms in the game.

Act II (Chapter 1)

Electrofly Swarm #1 – You will encounter the first swarm at the beginning of the chapter. Enter the mansion courtyard and you will find the Electrofly near the dropit in the pool.
Electrofly Swarm #2 – Next one is after the fight near the inferno. You will collect the Electrofly when you go above the cliff.
Electrofly Swarm #3 – It can be found after you have defeated the mini boss on the roof, head down and as you move out, you will find a cluster to the left.
Electrofly Swarm #4 – Last of this chapter can be found after you have met the girl. Reach down floor using the tree branch.
Electrofly Swarm #5 – Before you enter the dome, look right to find this group near the neon sign.

Act III (Chapter 1)

Electrofly Swarm #6 – You can spot the first swarm just beside first dropkit.
Electrofly Swarm #7 – Defeat the enemies in the harbor area until a leave entryway opens at the far end and you will find the Electrofly at the last dock down the line.
Electrofly Swarm #8 – In the giant hall, there is a huge piano. There, you will find another Electrofly Swarm swarm in the perimeter.

Act III (Chapter 2)

Electrofly Swarm #9 – You will spot one group after you have dealt with creeps (after lowering the bridge).
Electrofly Swarm #10 – Take a left from the structure with the giant wheel behind it and you’ll arrive at an opening you’ll have to plunge down into.

Act IV (Chapter 1)

Electrofly Swarm #11 – Before the Venus Man-eater,look to the left side of the street.

Act IV (Chapter 2)

Electrofly Swarm #12 – After kidnapping, head right and keep going till you come across the Electrofly Swarm swarm.
Electrofly Swarm #13 – There is another swarm of Electrofly Swarm at the bottom of the steps ahead.
Electrofly Swarm #14 – While heading back up the steps, you will come across another Electrofly Swarm swarm after the 300 mark.
Electrofly Swarm #15 – You will find the swarm in the greenhouse down an impasse way to the right.

Act IV (Chapter 3)

Electrofly Swarm #16 –Just beside the first dropkit.

Act V (Chapter 1)

Electrofly Swarm #17 – During the train repair, head to far side deck and look for the swarm. You will spot it on the left side.

Act V (Chapter 2)

Electrofly Swarm #18 – After the burnout encounter, you will find this group after kicking the door down the hallway.

Act VI (Chapter 2)

Electrofly Swarm #19 -After that scaffold cutscene, look down towards the pit for an Electrofly Swarm swarm.

Act VII (Chapter 1)

Electrofly Swarm #20 – You will spot one as you move outside the deep space cafe.
Electrofly Swarm #21 – Last Electrofly Swarm swarm can be found just after exiting the cargo bay.


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