“Bullet Time” Detailed in Max Payne 3 Video

In the latest video for Rockstar’s upcoming Max Payne 3, we get to see how “Bullet Time” works in the game. Bullet Time is, of course, a Max Payne game staple and one that’s been mimicked by countless games after Max Payne 1 made it famous.

The video shows how the character animations make this new Bullet Time seem more lifelike. While the game mechanic doesn’t seem to differ from what was offered years ago, it’s still quite a sight to behold to see Max tear though 4-5 thugs in one dive.

One interesting aspect Rockstar decided to put in the game is cinematic kills. This is triggered by killing the last enemy in a bunch and shows the exact kill in slow-motion.

Rockstar also reveals that this feature varies in presentation; it depends on the gun, distance and where you hit the enemy. So expect a lot of slow-motion bad-assery when Max Payne 3 shoots out to stores on May 15.

Contributor at SegmentNext.