BUILD Xbox One Cloud Destruction Demo Was Early Crackdown Work

Following Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer publicly spoke to E3 attendees, answering their queries regarding Microsoft’s future plans and press conference.

One of the biggest highlights of Microsoft’s press conference was newly announced Crackdown game which goes far beyond heroes with superpowers and game’s vibrant color scheme.

Those of you who witnessed Microsoft’s yearly BUILD conference back in April will remember a ‘prototype’ technology that demonstrated the power of Azure/Xbox Compute cloud platform. This technology allowed Microsoft to carry out real-time destruction in open world games with consistent frame rates.

E3 demonstration of newly announced Crackdown game featured a similar technology which we saw at BUILD conference. Confirming on Twitter, Phil Spencer has stated that the ‘prototype’ technology at BUILD was indeed an early Crackdown work.

You can check the video above to see how cloud computing can be used to maintain consistent frame rates even during an intense destruction scene. The possibilities seem to be endless!

This scenario raises the question whether this is why Microsoft intended Xbox One to be always online, in the first place? What do you think?

Phil Spencer has also confirmed that almost every Xbox One game will have its own dedicated servers, a feature missing from its last generation of console.

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