Brink Weapons and Attachments Guide

To unlock all the weapons in Brink, you will have to complete some challenges. The weapon you can carry depends on the type of your character which can be customized accordingly.

Light weapons like the pistols and SMGs can be carried by all the character but for the heavy weapons, your character’s body should be strong enough to carry it’s weight.

Following is a brief description of every weapon featured in Brink which surely can help you choose the better weapons in any particular scenario.

Brink Weapons and Attachments

Melee strike can be performed will all weapons, and to knock the opponent off their feet you can do a melee strike with two-handed weapons even though it’s minimal damage but it’s quite enough. With Handgun, you can do an off-hand knife melee attack which is more powerful in dealing damage but will not knock the enemy out.

Also, all type of weapons are usable by both security and resistance. Most of the weapons are available by default actually.

Brink Weapons – Assault Rifles

These weapons can be carried by medium and heavy body types and are effective for medium-range shooting. They are great for mobility and they sit in the middle of damage scale and work for a mixed playstyle. They can be carried by both medium and heavy body types as primary and secondary weapons.

The weapon contains 28 rounds in each magazine along with 56 reverse rounds. Although it is not as effective at long range, it’s a stable weapon with an impressive fire rate. Euston is available by default.

Gerund has maximum round among all the assault rifles (30 per magazine and sixty reverse shots). It’s an accurate weapon but has low damage over stability and accuracy. Gerund is available by default.

FRKN-3K is unlocked after completing the challenge “Tower Defense”. This assault rifle is relatively accurate and one can carry a total of 72 rounds of it. FRKN-3K Fires in 3-fire-burst mode.

Rhett is more damaging but accuracy is not the same as others. Each magazine at standard carries 25 rounds. Rhett is available from the start.

Rokstedi is a semi automatic assault rifle with slow fire rate but fast reload. Heavy body type can carry it as a primary rifle as well as secondary while the medium body type can only carry it as primary weapon.

Brink Weapons – Shotguns

Shotguns are always fun to use weapons especially when one likes to run and gun. They are close quarter kings and one can use them to defend in close quarters. They are great for mobility and also have deal a great damage and can be carried by medium and heavy body types as both primary and secondary weapons.

Since it’s a shotgun, it is least effective at long range and is only available to medium and heavy body types. Each magazine carries 6 rounds with a total reserve of 36 rounds. It’s reloading time can be pain in the ass. Mossington is available by default.

Hjammerdeim can be carried by only heavy body type. Although the number of shots in each magazine are lesser than Mossington, it’s lesser reload time makes it more effective in the crowded areas. It is available from the start.

Brink Weapons – Sub-Machine Guns

These weapons have a descent fire rate and are quite effective for short range shooting. Main point about this weapon category is that it is the only primary weapon category available to light body type. But it can be used as secondary weapon by all other body types.

It’s a stable and accurate SMG with impressive fire rate. Yes, range is the limitation as it is not effective for long range confrontation. It is unlocked after challenge “Be More Objective”.

It has maximum stopping power (damage) in the same class. If reload is not an issue for you then this is the weapon you should use for the aggressive approach. CARB-9 is available from the start.

There are 45 rounds in each magazine of Galactic. Galactic seemingly have the least stopping power. Lesser recoil can compensate for lesser damage. Galactic is available by default.

Although stopping power is not the strongest point of Kross, it’s high fire rate along with lesser recoil can make it a good weapon of choice in close quarter combat.

Tampa is a small SMG with a descent fire rate, stability and accuracy. Range is one main shortcoming but it is hardly noticed in the heat of battle. Tampa has ammo reserve of 180 rounds.

Brink Weapons – Pistols

These handguns can only be used as secondary weapons. These are either semi-automatic pistols, revolvers or machine pistols. The main advantage of using these weapons is that you can carry a knife in your off hand that can deal more damage than a two-handed weapon stock hit and can easily take away half health bar of a medium body type.

This automatic pistol almost serves as a sub-machine gun. There are 20 rounds in each clip and can be unlocked after completing “Parkour This”.

This pistol has a fast reloading and equip time with limited damage and range. With silencer, it’s damage is reduced further. Kalt has a descent accuracy and is available from the start.

It’s a revolver so two things are for sure, high damage and recoil. It has longer reload time but if you can bear with the recoil issue, you can inflict a lot of damage to your enemies. It is unlocked after challenge Be “More Objective”.

Sea Eagle
This default weapon is accurate and has a better equip speed (slightly less than Kalt). Each magazine carries 10 rounds.

This semi-automatic pistol has the same equip and reload time as Sea Eagle. It has low stopping power but high accuracy compensates for the loss. It is also available form the start.

Brink Weapons – Sniper Rifles

These weapons are well suited for long range shooting.

It can be equipped by any class and is quite accurate for long range shooting. If you like sniping, this should be the weapon of choice.

It’s a bolt action sniper rifle which can be used to provide cover from distance. The reload time is an issue but should not cause any big trouble if you are at a safe distance. Barnett will available after completing challenge, “Parkour This”.

Brink Weapons – Machine Guns
Feel like spraying bullets on enemies? Machine guns should be equipped. Machine Guns are useful when it comes to providing suppressing fire. These are crazy heavy weapons and can only be carried by heavy body types as primary weapons. They have the maximum damage output and spray bullets at enemies like hell fire but they hinder the ability to move fast and you will be last to the battle most probably if you choose to use these machine guns.

Although Chinzor is not accurate enough, it’s stability and fire rate compensate for the deficiency. It can carry a total ammo of 200 rounds.

Gotlung is available after “Tower Defense” challenge. It is almost similar to Chinzor except for the fact that it has no attachment options.

Maximus is relatively accurate and stable weapon. Like the other machine guns, reload and equip time can be annoying.

Brink Explosive Weapons- Grenade Launchers

These explosive guns can be used to inflict damage in a particular area range.

EZ-Nade is an automatic weapon which can be equipped by heavy body type. It can carry a total of 12 rounds. Quite effective when a group of enemy is confronted at short range.

Lobster Grenade
It is more stable than EZ-Nade. This one shot launcher can be used by both heavy and medium types.

Brink – Customize Your Weapons

In Brink, players have the freedom to customize their weapons with different attachments. These attachments can be installed on different locations depending upon their nature and use.

Top Attachments
Top attachments help in improving the aim. The attachments can include Red dot sights, Scopes and the Iron sights. These attachments can be used with the weapons other than hand guns. They don’t have any effect on weapon’s range or accuracy or any other stat in fact these additions will only help players to aim the targets like in other shooting games.

Front Attachments
Silencer and Muzzle brakes can be used as front attachments. These attachments allow players to keep a low profile and improve increase weapon’s stability.

Bottom Attachments
Bottom attachments have advantages like improved grip, equip speed and the grenade launcher is also included. These attachments can be used below gun’s grip.

Magazine Attachments
A must have attachments for those who like to spray bullets blindly on the opponents. These attachments alter the magazine capacity and the reloading speed.Duct-Taped Magazines, Drum Magazines, High-Capacity Magazines and Rapid Fire are the attachments present in the class.

Brink Weapons – Attachments

These are top reticules for better aim. These attachments don’t provide any magnification.

  • Adjusted Iron Sights improve the standard iron sights. It doesn’t increase any weight.
  • YeoTek Red Dot Sight is a red dot sight inside a square.
  • D-Flex Red Dot Sight is a red dot sight present in an arch-shaped body.
  • C-U-Gone Red Dot Sight has a circle and the dot is present at it’s center.

These attachments allow players to zoom in and out to adjust the target sights. The attachments are heavy though and are not recommended for short-range shooting.

  • COGA Scope is an average scope with small zoom.
  • Snoop-R Scope is perfectly suited for sniping.
  • Greeneye Scope is a small-sized scope which almost work as a red dot sight,

Magazine Attachments
Magazine attachments can add extra ammo to the bank or they can decrease the reload time.

  • Extended Clip increase the ammo count by one half of the standard ammo.
  • Duct Taped Clips decrease the reload time of a weapon
  • Drum Magazine doubles the amount of standard ammo.

Under Barrel
These attachments are named so because they are attached below the weapon.

  • Foregrip reduces the recoil and makes the weapon stable.
  • Grenade Launcher adds a launcher through which grenades can be fired.
  • Sling will increase the weapon’s draw time.
  • Bayonet enables players to use melee without using the pistol.

They can reduce the weapon’s sound and flash. To compensate, the weapon’s damage and range are also decreased. The advantage of using silencer is that you won’t be spotted on the minimap when you fire a silenced weapon.

Muzzle Brakes
Two Muzzle breaks are available which actually decrease weapons recoil but the damage is reduced.

Best Weapons in the game

For short and medium-range

We recommend Carb-9, as it has a very little recoil with really good damage and accuracy is on point always. It has a decent magazine and equip capacity along with very quick reload time. It is tested and best short-range weapon that can be equipped by any body type.

For Long-range

For long-range we would recommend Euston AR, it has a decent damage range along with minimum reload time. It might seem that it has lower damage than other ARs but it’s quite good at medium to long-range.

Feel free to provide us with your feedback or any tips regarding these weapons and attachments featured in Brink.

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