Brink Tweak Guide – How to Increase Performance

Brink Tweak Guide outlines several cvars you can use to customize the appearance of graphics and detail level in Brink that would have positive effect on performance. You can increase performance using all these Brink PC Tweaks.

Brink Tweak Guide

How to Enable Console
Simply press the ctrl+alt+tilde(~) button to enable the console.

How to Show FPS
Open the console and type:

cg_drawfps 1

to enable the on-screen display of framerates.

How to Turn off the Shadows
The ATI users are recommended to turn off the shadows; it should greatly increase the game performance. Open the console and type:

r_shadows 0

to disable the shadows.

Motion Blur
Motion Blur also affects the framerates; you should disable it to increase performance of your machine. Type the following commands in your console:

r_useHighQualityPostProcess 0

Note. You can also turn it off from the game options.

Ambient Occlusion
Turning it off will increase a lot of performance. Off by default, but if you have had enabled it, disable it for performance boost.

View Distance
Decreasing the total viewing distance (far-away textures) will result in increasing the performance.

r_visDistMult 0.8 to 1.2

Disable Decals
Disabling the decals can improve FPS rate. Type the following commands to disable the draw decals in Brink.

g_decals 0 (0 for off – 1 for on)

Detailed Textures
Cvar use for texture details. If you consider performance over appearance or own a low-end system, then you’re recommended to use it.

g_decals 0

Player Shadows
Turn off the player shadows for a little more performance boost. Type the following cvar in console to do that.

g_showPlayerShadow 0 (0 for off – 1 for on)

Level of Detail
You can also decrease the LOD for improving the performance. Increasing the value will result in decreasing the environment quality. If you want uber quality then choose the lowest value but if you want more performance than go for the highest.

image_lodbias (-1 to 1)

Example: image_loadbias 0.3

Detail of Far-Away Textures
If you have an old system then you should definitely choose a lower value. Lower values will result in high performance but low quality.


Fading Far-Away Textures
This command is used to control the distance on which the far-away textures should start disappearing (rocks, grass). If you have a higher value then you’ll have lower performance.

r_stuffFadeStart (X)

You can also set the peak limit, so after that you’ll see no grass…and in between you’ll see some of it. For that you can use the following command:

r_stuffFadeEnd (X)

Turning off the vsync can also increase the performance, it improves the screen tearing but it’s no big deal if you are eager to get more performance.

Field of View
You can set your field of view by using the following cvar.

ui_fov [70-120]

To further tweak the game, you can use Brink Config Editor Program to tweak the following variables:

  • Crouch Toggle
  • Zoom Toggle
  • Raw Mouse Input
  • Mouse Sensitivty
  • Mouse smoothing
  • Mouse invert
  • Allow Console
  • Machine Spec
  • FOV
  • Fullscreen
  • Custom resolution width
  • Custom resolution height
  • Show FPS
  • Motion Blur
  • Anti Aliasing
  • Anisotropy
  • Texture Filtering
  • Shadows
  • HBAO
  • Soft Particles
  • Gamma
  • Brightness
  • Post Processing
  • Portals
  • Optimized Shadows
  • Sound Occlusion
  • Number of speakers
  • Sprint Toggle
  • View Effects
  • Skip Intro
  • Skip Particles
  • Refresh Rate
  • Threaded Renderer
  • Decals
  • View Distance
  • Enemy Tint Enabled
  • Alt and Enter
  • XBOX 360 Controller support

Download Brink Config Editor Program

You can also refer to our Brink Troubleshooting Guide With Other Graphics and Performance Fixes. Let me know if you come across any issue in comments and I will try to help you out.

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