Brink PC Dedicated Server Guide

Want to host your very own Brink PC Dedicated Server? follow the simple instructions in our Dedicated Server Guide to host and manage Brink Dedicated Server on Windows PC.

Brink PC Dedicated Server

Forward Your Ports

You need to forward these three ports to correctly setup Brink Dedicated Server.

TCP/UDP 27015, 27016, 8766.

Don’t forget to forward 8766, because the server authenticates with Steam via this port.

Optimizing Brink Server Machine

Brink uses a scaling jobs system that can run multiple threads if multiple cores are available on the server. If you are to host the server on multi-core machine, don’t leave this option to unlimited or Brink may end up loading the CPU.

You can control the value using the command line tweak ‘exec_maxThreads’. This cvar will have to be set on the command line as ‘+set exec_maxThreads ‘ to limit the number of instances of Brink Servers running on your machine.

Setup Brink Dedicated Server

Follow the simple instructions in this section to setup and launch your very own Brink Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Server .bat Files
The default Brink dedicated server comes with three .bat files that can be used to launch the game:

  • Brink_ded1.bat
  • Brink_ded2.bat
  • Brink_ded3.bat

These .bat files have simple server configuration settings, like server name, server port and server port master. You can use .bat files as an example to customize and create your own custom server configuration file to launch your server.

Or, you can edit the si_name cvar in one of the .bat files, set the three port cvars to match the port forwarding rules you setup in your Firewall, save and execute the .bat file to launch your Brink Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Server Console
Once you run the .bat file, you would be presented with Brink Dedicated Server Console. Which looks like this:

Brink Console

You can enter and execute server commands from this dedicated server console. It also comes with a built-in help option, so you don’t have to type the exact command, type a word and pressing tab will show you all the available suggestions or console commands available for that word.

Execute existing config file and launch the server. To know all the available game modes and settings in Brink Multiplayer check our Brink Multiplayer Guide.

By default Brink offers following config rules files which can be found in the ‘\base folder’. You can execute any of these or customize one to meet your needs and execute it in the Brink Server Console to launch the Dedicated Server.

  • server_campaign_resistance_coop.cfg
  • server_campaign_security_coop.cfg
  • server_challenge_coop2.cfg
  • server_challenge_coop3.cfg
  • server_challenge_coop4.cfg
  • server_objective_advanced_vs.cfg
  • server_objective_competition_vs.cfg
  • server_objective_oldskool_vs.cfg
  • server_objective_standard_vs.cfg (Default)
  • server_stopwatch_advanced_vs.cfg
  • server_stopwatch_competition_vs.cfg
  • server_stopwatch_oldskool_vs.cfg
  • server_stopwatch_standard_vs.cfg

You can also create your own config file for your server or add rules to the game from the console but it is recommended that you start with any of these pre-defined config rules files.

For starters, execute the default config file by typing this in console:
Exec server_objective_standard_vs.cfg
Hit enter to apply the config.

Launch Brink Dedicated Server
Now that you have applied the game settings to your server, it’s time to launch this baby. Type spawnServer in console alongwith the name of the map you want to run it.
spawnServer mp/aquarium.entities

Players will be able to connect to the server, once the server has finished loading the map.

Setup Brink RCON

It is possible to setup remote console for Brink Dedicated Server which will allow admins to perform actions by remotely accessing their servers. But to enable RCON, you need to setup Brink Dedicated Server like this:
The server has to set a password using


The client needs to set the address of the server


The client needs to enter the password set on the server using


Enable/Disable Server Hijacking

Brink allows players to play Co op challenges and Campaign online on dedicated servers but players can only use those dedicated servers that are empty and have ServerHijacking enabled. You can set this option using ‘net_allowServerHijacking 1’. 1 to enable serverhijacking and 0 to disable it but even when set to enable, server needs to be empty before it can be used for campaign or co op modes.

Map Rotations

You can setup map rotations for stopwatch and objective game modes using one of the following ways.

Fixed Rotation or Allow Voting For Maps

  • g_mapRotationFixed – set a fixed map rotation
  • g_mapRotationVote – restrict the maps players may vote on at match end.

Both of these cvars are set using the following format:

g_mapRotationFixed “mp/

, mp/ , mp/


g_mapRotationFixed “mp/ccity, mp/aquarium, mp/refuel”

If neither of these cvars is set then the game mode’s defaults rules for map rotation will be used.

For more information about map rotations you can check the server_map_rotation_examples.cfg in the \base folder of the dedicated server.

Private Server – Password Protection

There are two cvars you can use to setup a private server or password protected server. You can either add these in console or use them in your config file.

  • si_needpass – Set to 1 if you want set the password on the server.
  • g_password – sets the actual password string.

How to Create Custom Configs

Keep following rules in mind when creating your own config. The following cvars should always be included:

  • si_name “” – Your server’s name
  • si_rules – Set the game mode
  • si_playMode – Set the type of game
  • si_onlineMode 3 – Ensures the game is multiplayer

Brink Competition Server – Example Config File

//Max players
si_maxPlayers 10

//Amount of players required to start a match
si_minPlayers 4

//Max players per team
si_maxTeamSize 6

//max HUMAN players
si_maxPlayersHuman 10

//Game Rules
//si_rules sdGameRulesStopWatch
//si_rules sdGameRulesObjective
//si_rules sdGameRulesChallenge
//si_rules sdGameRulesCampaign
si_rules sdGameRulesStopWatch

//Server Configuration
//Old Skool
applyServerConfig Competition

//Set the name of your server
si_name “Scrim Server 5v5

//Password your server?
//0 = No
//1 = Yes
si_needpass 1

//Password for your server – si_needpass NEEDS to be set to 1!
g_password “password”

//Server admin password (rcon password)
net_serverRemoteConsolePassword “rconpassword”

//Set the play mode
//si_playmode 0 = solo
//si_playmode 1 = Co-op
//si_playmode 2 = versus
si_playmode 2

//Allow server to be borrowed by players who are using matchmaking service?
//This will allow the match making service to use your server when it is empy!
net_allowServerHijacking 0

//Set who can join your server
//0 = SOLO
si_onlineMode 3

//Friendly fire
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_teamDamage 1

//Enable spectating
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_spectators 1

//Server time limit
si_timelimit 15

//Set if players can only join the smaller size team
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_teamForceBalance 0

//Diable Voting?
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_disableVoting 0

//Bot Difficulty
//-1 = ANY
//0 = EASY
//1 = NORMAL
//2 = HARD
si_botDifficulty -1

//Percentage of players that need to ready up to start a match
si_readyPercent 100

//Allow players to spawn and play during warm-up period
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_warmupSpawn 1

//Rim lighting tints on enemies
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_enemyTintEnabled 0

//Enable rank restrictons
//0 = Off
//1 = On
si_rankRestricted 1

//Restrict player ranks
//si_maxRank 0 = Rank 1 players only
//si_maxRank 1 = Rank 1 and 2 players only
//si_maxRank 2 = Rank 1, 2 and 3 players only
//si_maxRank 3 = Rank 1, 2, 3 and 4 players only
//si_maxRank 4 = All player ranks can join
si_maxRank 4


//Maprotation – FIXED!
//The server will run the below maps in the order listed.
//g_mapRotationFixed “mp/aquarium,mp/ccity,mp/reactor,mp/refuel,mp/resort,mp/sectow,mp/shipyard,mp/terminal”

//Maprotation – VOTE!
//Server will allow the players to vote which map to play at the end of each round! They can ONLY choose from the maps listed below!
g_mapRotationVote “mp/aquarium,mp/ccity,mp/reactor,mp/refuel,mp/resort,mp/sectow,mp/shipyard,mp/terminal”

spawnServer mp/reactor

Thanks. bebit

Map Names

In Brink you can enter the map name in console using three different ways.

  • mp/aquarium
  • mp/aquarium.entities
  • maps/mp/aquarium.entities

When refereeing to maps in .bat or .cfg files the standard format of mp/mapname will always work, therefore the following list should be considered the list of map names to be used:

  • mp/aquarium
  • mp/ccity
  • mp/reactor
  • mp/refuel
  • mp/resort
  • mp/sectow
  • mp/shipyard
  • mp/terminal

Restrict Who Can Join Brink Server – Rank Restrictions

It’s possible to restrict who can join a game of Brink by the character’s rank, so that only players of the same rank or lower can join the session.

Brink has five player ranks, the cvar si_maxRank controls the rank of the server that the player ranks are compared against, so:

  • si_maxRank 0 = Rank 1 players only
  • si_maxRank 1 = Rank 1 and 2 players only
  • si_maxRank 2 = Rank 1, 2 and 3 players only
  • si_maxRank 3 = Rank 1, 2, 3 and 4 players only
  • si_maxRank 4 = All player ranks can join

Useful Console Commands List

This is a list of other useful console commands and cvars that a server admin may wish to use:
Setting Game Modes

  • si_rules sdGameRulesStopWatch
  • si_rules sdGameRulesObjective
  • si_rules sdGameRulesChallenge
  • si_rules sdGameRulesCampaign

Setting Play Mode

  • si_playmode 0 = solo
  • si_playmode 1 = Co-op
  • si_playmode 2 = versus

Setting the map

  • spawnServer mp/aquarium.entities
  • spawnServer mp/ccity.entities
  • spawnServer mp/reactor.entities
  • spawnServer mp/refuel.entities
  • spawnServer mp/resort.entities
  • spawnServer mp/sectow.entities
  • spawnServer mp/shipyard.entities
  • spawnServer mp/terminal.entities
  • spawnServer sp/challenge_01.entities
  • spawnServer.sp/challenge_03.entities
  • spawnServer.sp/challenge_05.entities
  • spawnServer.sp/challenge_06.entities

Setting up RCON

  • net_serverRemoteConsolePassword
  • net_clientRemoteConsoleAddress
  • net_clientRemoteConsolePassword

Admin commands

  • admin startMatch – Will take a match out of warm-up.
  • admin kick – Kicks a user from the server.
  • admin kickAllBots – Kicks all AI bots from the server.
  • admin restartMap – Restarts the current map.

Server Settings

  • si_teamDamage – Friendly fire on/off.
  • si_name – Set the server name.
  • si_maxPlayers – Set the server size.
  • si_minPlayers – Number of players required to start a match.
  • si_spectators – Enable/disable spectating.
  • si_timelimit – Change the time limit.
  • si_teamForceBalance – Set if players can only join the smaller size team.
  • si_disableVoting – Disables votes.
  • si_botDifficulty – Changes bot difficulty.
  • si_readyPercent – Percentage of players that need to ready up to start a match.
  • si_warmupSpawn – Allows players to spawn and play during warm-up period.
  • si_enemyTintEnabled – Enables/disables rim lighting tints on enemies.

Server Advertisement
You can use following cvars to advertise on your server.

  • si_adminName
  • si_email
  • si_irc
  • si_motd_1
  • si_motd_2
  • si_motd_3
  • si_motd_4
  • si_website
  • si_serverURL


1# How to Run Multiple Instances of Game – Server
Type win_allowMultipleInstances “1” into the command line of the ‘brink.exe’ to run multiple instances of the game. Thanks – Who Cares

2# How to Enable/Disable Bots to Spawn
Don’t use ‘bot_enable’ cvar since it is bugged and may cause hostages not to spawn. Alternatively you can use following three cvars for the specified function.

  • bot_minclients -1 = bots disabled
  • bot_minclients 0 = bots never spawn automatically (must be manually added)
  • bot_minclients 16 = bots spawn up to a maximum of 16
  • admin addbot = adds a bot to whichever team has less players
  • admin addbot security solider = adds a bot to the Security team (assuming team balance settings permits this)
  • si_teamForceBalance = toggles team balance

Note. If you want bots to fill in the empty slots, Just add ‘bot_minClients number_of_bots’ to your config. So for example, if you wanted a 16 player game and you wanted bots to fill in all the empty slots, you would add the line:

  • bot_minClients 16

3# Brink Server Connection Timed Out/Server Crash Fix
Install updated DirectX and vcredist_x86(2008) redistributables to resolve this issue. Make sure you have correct version of .Net Framework 4.0 installed as well with updated HLDSUpdateTool on your server.

4# How to Reserve Slots in Your Server
To reserve private slots in your Brink server, try the following cvars.

  • si_privateClients “2”
  • g_privatePassword “yourpassword”

It would mean if you have 16 player server, 14 slots are for public and 2 are private who can only joining into the server by join with g_privatePassword “yourpassword”.

5# How to Disable/Enable VOIP on Brink Server
To disable/enable voip you can use:

  • si_teamVoipEnabled 0/1
  • si_globalVoipEnabled 0/1

6# How to Kick/Ban a Player
Step 1
First you need to know the client index number, to see a list of client indices that correspond to the player names:

  1. type ‘admin kick’
  2. leave a space after the ‘kick’ parameter
  3. hit the TAB key, and the console should show you a list of all players and their corresponding client indices.

Step 2
Now use the admin commands to perform kick/ban.

  • admin kick client_index
  • admin ban client_index

If you face any difficulty, let me know and I will try to help you out.

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