Brink Classes and Abilities Guide

Brink Multiplayer is divided into four classes, each specialize in its own role and comes with a standard kit which allows players to perform standard tasks expected of the role they are playing.

You can play every weapon with each class and also the default statistics are the same for each class. What differentiates each class in Brink is their abilities. Each class has unique abilities that strengthen their role on the battlefield and Brink by default requires great cooperation which complements the squad-based multiplayer gameplay mechanics.

Brink Class and Abilities


Same old earn experience points ‘Level Credits in Brink’ to level up your class to unlock new class-specific and general abilities. These abilities will further enhance your role on the battlefield.

Now, a more detailed overview of each class.

Universal Abilities

These are the abilities independent of any class and apply to every character class equally. No matter what class character you choose these abilities will always be in effect.

Grenade shooting

This is the simple grenade shooting ability that aim for an underslung grenade launch. It can be used just like a Molotov to stop plants, repairs etc.

Sprinting Grenade

Without this ability if you are cooking a grenade and you start sprinting, that will cancel your grenade but with this ability you can sprint and will be able to throw a grenade. But this does not affect the underslung grenade launcher.

Supply Max Increase

With this ability you can have an extra buff or a revive, maybe a mine or a grenade. Like your original pips, this extra one also regenerates over time.

Battle Hardened

This is a permanent extra pip for a life buff and if you take damage it will regenerate. But once its empty it will not regenerate.

Sprinting Reload

This will reduce the time for you to reload your weapon while sprinting, it also applies to switching your weapon while sprinting, reduces time exponentially.

Sense of Perspective

While completing your objectives you cannot move your character so this ability allows your character to switch the view to 3rd person perspective allowing you to use strafe keys to view around your character.

Supply Rate Increase

This ability increases the rate of pips regeneration so you don’t get caught short due to slow regeneration.

Silent Running

With this ability you can run throughout the map off radar without getting anyone to notice just like when you use a gun with a silencer. You can easily take care of your business without triggering enemies.

Tactical Scanner

This ability places a very small icon below the health bar of the player also in the same color.

Downed Fire

Due to this ability, enemies will not finish you when you’re downed this is a very useful ability when you are against a very offensive opponent team and very useful in some specific circumstances.

The Operative

They can disguise themselves to sneak behind the enemy lines and hack computer terminals to complete certain objectives using their standard equipment.
Standard Equipment

  • PDA
  • Disguise Kit

Portable Digital Assistant (PDA) is used to hack computer terminals which in turn helps in completing different hacking objectives. Disguise Kit helps them disguise as their enemies sneaking behind the enemy lines to complete assigned objectives.

Hacking objectives appear when you go behind the enemy lines. You can hack by standing close to the terminal, or from the range but it would take longer time to hack a terminal if you do it using the later.

To hack a computer terminal from range, you will need to connect to that terminal. Once connected you can move within the specified area. Be aware that when you are hacking, your PDA gives a beeping sound which may alert the nearby enemies.

The Operative must connect to a terminal to begin the hack and then they will be able to move within a designated hacking space. In case you are threatened by the enemies, you can leave the area, and come back later to finish the hack.

Once you have completely hacked an objective, make sure you keep an eye on engineers, since only they can repair the hacked computer terminal.

To disguise operatives need to interact with the downed enemies and then they are able to disguise themselves as enemies. Old trick but works, if you avoid getting seen. Since if an enemy spots you in the process, your disguise will fail.

Friendly fire is enabled by default so you would need to blend in, difficult considering the situation but with practice you will be able to pull it off.

While in disguise you can’t open fire or interact with any objective or you will loose your disguise. You can also loose your disguise if you are struck with an enemy beacon.

The Operative Abilities

Standard Operative Kit
Standard Operative Kit basically enables you to do what I have explained in Disguise and Hacking above.

Comms Hack (Rank 2)
Using this ability you can extract tactical intel from Comms Hack lets you extract tactical intel form downed enemies. If you are successful, every enemy’s location will be shown on your team’s radar temporarily.

Hack Turret (Rank 3)
Using this ability you can hack an enemy turret and use it to your advantage. You can hack an enemy turret by approaching it from behind and using the standard procedures for hacking the computer terminal I have explained above. Again, you can increase the speed at which the turret is hacked by getting close to turret.

EMP Grenade (Rank 5)
You can use these grenades to temporarily disable enemy turrets, mines, and radars. They also slow down the progress of enemy Hacks and HE Charges. You can’t spam them since there is a cool down period before you can use an EMP Grenade again.

Firewall Command Post (Rank 2)
You can protect your team’s Supply Command Post by installing the Firewall Command Post. You can do that by accessing the command post wheel for an extending period of time, a progress bar will indicate the installation.

Sticky Bomb (Rank 2)
Sticky Bomb sticks to anything it touches. In Brink, if it is stuck on an enemy it can then only be removed by their team mates. Enemies can also destroy the sticky bomb by shooting at it while still on the ground. You can’t spam Sticky Bombs either, since there is a cool down period before you can use it again. Victims are given a set amount of time to remove the sticky bomb before they are detonated.

Control Turret (Rank 4)
Using this ability you can take remote control of a friendly turret. To take control of the turret, place the device on the turret and then interact with it from distance. This gives The Operative an opportunity to use the turret set by friendly engineer and rack up kills which normally wouldn’t have been possible if the turret was left acting by itself.

Homing Beacon (Rank 2)
You can set up a Beacon on any enemy by focusing (Keeping them in your Iron Sights) on them for several seconds. When you see the red outline placed on the enemy, you have successfully installed a Homing Beacon on that enemy. Now, all your teammates will be able to see that enemy, even through walls. Though it only lasts for few seconds, but is very useful in finding enemy operatives in disguise.

Caltrop Grenades (Rank 3)
Sharp spikes from Caltrop Grenades damage enemies who cross over them, unless they move slowly. The remain in the battlefield for the length of the cooldown period of the ability.

Cortex Bomb (Rank 4)
The Cortex Bomb is surgically planted explosive that detonates when you are downed or die.


Build, Repair and Upgrade equipment on battlefield. Engineers can upgrade weapons, plant hidden land mines and repair hacked computer terminals.

Standard Equipment

  • Repair Tool
  • Pyro Mines
  • Upgrade Tools

As an engineer your primary goal is to aid your team as they push for the victory. Engineers can use their standard repair tool to build turrets and machine gun nests and repair objectives.

They can also deploy Pyro Mines to protect different areas on the battlefield or just use them as a trap. If that wasn’t enough, they can buff weapons of their team mates.

Build Defenses
As an engineer you should focus on building defenses around the areas of interest. Interacting with the objectives similar to hacking can get the job done. It’s important to build up a solid defensive wall to protect some secondary objectives from the high-explosive charges of the Soldiers.

Pyro Mines
Deploy Pyro Mines by selecting the mine and finding a suitable area to plant it. You can’t place the mines at every surface, an outline will indicate by going red whether you can plant Pryo Mines at the specific area or not.

Enemy operatives can spot mines for their teammates’ and enemy engineers can defuse them using their repair tool, so make sure you place these mines in areas that aren’t too obvious.

Weapon Upgrades
The Engineer has the ability to temporarily buff teammates’ weapons with the upgrade tool. Simply look at the desired teammate and interact with them to upgrade their weapons. It can greatly help your team to inflict heavy damage to their enemies.

Engineer Abilities

Standard Engineer Kit

  • Repair Tool
  • Pyro Mines
  • Upgrade Tools

The use of standard engineer kit has been explained above.

Gear Head (Rank 2)
Gear Head increases how fast you can build and repair Turrets, Deploy Mines and build MG nests.

Command Post Upgrade (Rank 3)
Command Post Upgrade allows you to upgrade any Health or Supply Command Post to double its effect on the entire team. Once the command post upgrade has been deployed, you get two extra points for using it.

Extra Landmine (Rank 4)
Extra Landmine allows you to have two mines active at once.

Part of the Standard Engineer Kit, this lets you plant a mine on flat surfaces. Plant a new one, and the old one is removed. Your mine’s status is shown in the HUD at bottom left. Enemies can’t see these mines unless spotted by their Operatives. You can re-map the mine on this screen.

Nerves of Steel (Rank 2)
Nerves of Steel increases the speed at which you defuse enemy explosives.

Medium Turret (Rank 3)
Medium Turret ability lets you plant an auto-turret that detects and fire at enemies. You cannot purchase this Ability without first purchasing Light Turret.

Gatling Turret (Rank 5)
Gatling turret ability lets you plant a Gatling auto-turret which will detect and fire at enemies. Before you purchase this Ability, you will have to purchase Light and Medium Turret.

Extra Kevlar (Rank 2)
Extra Kevlar gives your teammates additional armor protection that lasts until they die. The downside is, you cannot use it on yourself.

Light Turret (Rank 2)
Ability to place a Light Turret that auto-detects enemies nearby but has only a small area of effect, but can turn 360 degrees to track the target in sight. You can place on turret at any time, when you place a new one, the old one disappears. If the turret is damaged, Engineer can repair it.

Improved Weapon Buff (Rank 4)
Improved Weapon Buff allows you to even further increase your teammates’ weapon damage.

The Soldier

Soldiers are masters of destruction, carrying HE Charges to complete Destruction Objectives, and Molotovs. They never run out of ammo, and can hand out ammo to teammates as well.

The main guy who needs to advance in the battlefield to support more specialized player classes. Most of their abilities focus on expanding their combat potential.

Standard Equipment

  • HE Charges
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Ammo Boxes

HE Charge
You can use HE Charge to destroy the primary and secondary objectives on the battlefield. You can place the charge on the objective by interacting with it and then let the count down finish. The countdown lasts for 40 seconds.

During this time operatives can hack into the charge to slow the countdown, and enemy engineers can simply defuse it. You need to protect the charges in this period to get the job done.

Molotov Cocktail
You can use the molotov for extra fireworks, works really well for distraction. They don’t have cool down period but do consume the supply meter.

Ammo Boxes
Soldiers not only have unlimited ammo but they can also use that ammo to refill all their team on the battlefield.

Soldier Abilities

Standard Soldier Kit

  • HE Charges
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Ammo Boxes

Use of a standard soldier kit has been explained above.

Flashbang Grenades (Rank 2)
Flash Grenades basically blind the enemies nearby. Perfect for clearing the camped enemies or rooms. You can’t spam them, there is a cool down period associated with their use.

Kevlar Vest (Rank 3)
Kevlar Vest increases your damage resistance. Enemies equipped with Armor Piercing rounds can still do full damage to you.

Grenade Damage (Rank 4)
Grenade damage increases the damage of your grenades but keeps the blast radius intact.

Molotov Cocktail
Part of Standard Soldier Kit, explained above.

Grenade Mastery (Rank 2)
Grenade Mastery reduces the cool down period of your grenades allowing you to use grenades more and often. The effect applies to all the standard grenades.

Extra Magazine (Rank 3)
Extra Magazine increases the total ammo capacity of your teammates by an extra magazine’s.

Satchel Charges (Rank 5)
Remote control charges that can be planted on any surface. You can place up to 3 and detonate them simultaneously by pressing the action button or individually by interacting with them from distance. Enemies can destroy them by firing upon them.

Armor Piercing Ammo (Rank 2)
Replaces the ammunition you are supplied with, with must more powerful ammunition, making it effective against enemies who have the Kevlar Armor buff. However you cannot supply your teammates with the upgraded ammo.

Scavenge (Rank 2)
Scavenge the equipment of Dead enemies by interacting with them to refill your Supply meter.

Frag Blast (Rank 4)
Frag Blast increases the blast radius of your Frag Grenades but not their damage.

The Medic

Rescue and Revive your teammates and VIPs. Medic uses his health buffs on its teammates to help them recover their health bars and rescues VIPs using Revive Syringes.

Standard Equipment Kit

  • Healing Syringes
  • Revive Syringes

Reviving a good comrade can turn the events of the battle. It’s important for you to know who to revive, you don’t want to revive a guy who was just chilling out on the battlefield with Pistols right? focus on guys who are serious.

Interact with the downed teammate and use reviving syringe to get him back on his feet.

Use your health syringes to help your teammate get back on his feet with fully recovered health. Simply interact with a wounded soldier to heal him, however, there is a cool-down period for that. Medics, if needed, can also heal themselves.

Medic Abilities

Standard Medic Kit
Medics can buff their teammates’ health one pip above the normal maximum, and return Incapacitated teammates to action by throwing them a Revive Syringe. They can also Heal and Revive Escort Objective VIPs.

Metabolism (Rank 2)
Metabolism lets you make a teammate’s health regenerate at a faster rate than normal. The effect remains until they die. You cannot administer this buff to yourself.

Speed Boost (Rank 3)
Speed Boost lets you increase a teammate’s sprint speed for a short period. You cannot administer this buff to yourself.

Lazarus Grenade (Rank 5)
The Lazarus Grenade is an experimental pharmaceutical aerosol bomb, letting you revive all downed teammates within its healing cloud. However, there is a cool-down period associated with each successive use of Lazarus Grenade.

Adrenaline Boost (Rank 2)
Adrenaline Boost lets you buff a teammate so they ignore all damage for a short period. When the effect wears off they’ll receive all the damage they ignored, all at once. There is a long cool down before you can re-use the ability, and you can’t use it on yourself.

Transfer Supplies (Rank 2)
Transfer Supplies lets you refill a teammate’s Supply Meter at the cost of your own. If you select this ability you see interaction prompts on teammates who are low on Supplies.

Improved Life Buff (Rank 4)
Improved Life Buff lets you increase a teammate’s health by two pips, instead of the normal one pip.

Increase Supplies (Rank 2)
Increase Supplies increases the length of your Supply meter by one pip, but only as long as you remain a Medic.

Improved Increase Supplies (Rank 3)
If you already have Increase Supplies, Improved Increase Supplies will further increase your Supply meter.

Self Resurrection (Rank 4)
Self Resurrection allows you to Revive yourself when downed. There is a very long Cool down after you use this ability.

If you find anything missing or want to add your tips, share them with us in comments.

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