Is Bringing More Wii U Ports To Nintendo Switch A Good Idea?

The public reception of Nintendo Switch has been highly positive, the developer support for the console, both first party, and third party, clearly indicates the Switch will not go down in history as another failed console like Wii U. On top of that, more and more Wii U ports are heading to Nintendo Switch giving people a chance to play some of the good titles of Wii U on the new console.

DigitalFoundry recently did an analysis of this increasing amount of Wii U ports for Nintendo Switch and whether it is a good thing or not to re-release those games on what is clearly a superior console than Wii U despite not coming close to the performance of other current generation consoles.

In short, yes, these Wii U ports are more than welcome considering how a lot of games suffered in performance on Wii U due to the weak hardware even though they were built for that platform.

They also had a suggestion of some of the great classics of Nintendo which would benefit after being ported to Nintendo Switch. Some of these Wii U ports might not even require further enhancements and simply porting them over to the new console hybrid should get the job done in terms of performance and visual quality.

Third party developer support for Nintendo Switch continues to grow day by day, with titles like WWE 2K18 scheduled for a release on the platform, so it would be sad to see Nintendo neglecting some of its own and great games which people didn’t actually get a chance to experience on the previous generation of console.

Even some developers who have been in partnership with Nintendo for quite some time have been expressing interest in creating Wii U ports for Switch for some of their games, like Xenoblade Chronicles X, simply to reach the bigger user base. Companies like Square Enix and Nihon Falcom also seem to be excited about bringing more and more games to the new console.

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