After Bringing the Scares with The Evil Within Shinji Mikami May Return to Dino Crisis

Although The Evil Within could have been Shinji Mikami’s final game it looks like recent comments he’s made may contradict that idea. In fact, if the comments at the 11th Gamelab Games & Interactve Entertainment Conference are anything to go by fans of Dino Crisis may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Quoted as saying “I want to keep scaring people,” Mikami said. “Once I said The Evil Within would be my last game, but I love this job too much.” On he then went on to admit that he was interested in not only going back to Dino Crisis, but also resurrecting the God Hand franchise.

While some would rather he looked to Resident Evil 2 as a possible reboot to modern machines, Dino Crisis is arguably the second on their list of games for him to bring back. He seemed reluctant to talk about the Resident Evil series at all though, with Gamelab saying this was out of respect for the games creators.

For those who don’t remember Dino Crisis, it was a game released on the first Playstation and also Microsoft’s original Xbox. Mikami directed the first in the series, which became a favourite with gamers with it nostalgically remembered as Resident Evil with Dinosaurs.

Will we see a new Dino Crisis game, or even a return of God Hand?

Well to complicate things Capcom have ownership of the two franchises and with Mikami no longer being connected to the company. This is a complication to any plans for resurrection, which may lead to all this talk leading to nothing.

Could they work together if there was enough interest? I guess we will have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on a possible return of Dino Crisis? Or Even God Hand? Let us know below.

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