How to Break Throws in Soul Calibur 6

Soul Calibur 6 is a very lovely fighting game, with complex mechanics. In this hurdle of complex mechanics, we have decided to teach you guys How to Break Throws in Soul Calibur 6. Throws are a deadly weapon in this fast-paced fighting game and can turn the tides of battle. Therefore, you must learn how to counter this deadly ability. As quoted by Sun Tzu:

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

This is exactly why we have created this guide. Be sure to let us know in the comment section if you think we are missing something. We will surely try to cram that into this extensive guide on How to Break throws in Soul Calibur 6.

How to Break throws in Soul Calibur 6

The throw system has changed a lot since the last Soul Calibur in the series. It has been totally revamped.

It might be difficult for returning players to trigger a throw, and that is exactly why we are also going to cover how to Throw in Soul Calibur 6, as well as the type of throws in the game.

Be sure to read through these throw types, as there are three different types of throws. The method to counter each type of throw is different. Without further ado, let us begin how to properly throw in the game, aye?

Follow our Beginners Guide to get started.

Learning to Throw

There are three types of throws in the game, Forward Throw, Back Throw, and Command Throw. We have all of them covered in this Throw in Soul Calibur 6 subsection.

Forward Throw
The most basic type of a throw is the Forward Throw. By pressing the Horizontal Attack + Guard button in a combination, you will be able to pick your opponent and throw them forward.

Forward throw follows the basic routine: If you successfully use the Forward Throw, the enemy will be thrown in the direction you are facing. If you use a Forward Throw in front of the ring, you will ultimately throw the enemy out of the ring.

Back Throw
The back throw is a type of throw that uses the opposite mechanics as a Forward Throw. Basically, the enemy will be thrown in the direction opposite to what you are facing. You will also swap each other’s sides.

You can trigger a Back Throw by using the combination: Back button + Horizontal Attack + Guard. If successfully done, the enemy will be thrown in the opposite direction of you.

Be sure to use it as much as possible, for using this may confuse your enemy.

Command Throw
The most complex throw is the Command Throw. It is unique for each character. Some characters can do this by using the same keys as the Forward Throw, while some characters must use special key combinations.

Heck, you might even run across unbreakable throws that are special to some characters. Be sure to check out the Break Throws section of this guide. It will surely help you in your journey.

Learning to Break a Throw

Now that you have learned how to throw an enemy, it is time to learn how to counter that throw in cause your enemy throws you. The future is now, huh, old man?

Forward Throw Break
You can either escape or break a Forward Throw by using the following button combination:

Horizontal Attack / Vertical Attack / Guard when hit by a Throw.

As soon as the enemy for a throw grabs you, press one of these buttons. You will be sure to counter the enemy grab, and hopefully even stun him/her.

Back Throw Break
Back Throw Break can be escaped pretty easily. Just spam the following buttons for this to work:

Back button + Horizontal Attack / Back button + Vertical Attack / Back Button + Kick when hit by a Throw.

What you need to do here to counter a back throw is to try to dash back while spamming any of the hitting buttons. You will be able to break that throw and a message will appear on the side of the screen indicating that you escaped a throw.

Command Throw Break
Some characters might use their character specific Throws that may require a special key combination to break throws. You can only learn this by experience.

Command Throw will almost always be considered a Forward Throw or Back Throw While and should be broken accordingly. So what you need to practice and learn from experience is which character’s command throw is a back throw and whose is a forward throw.

We suggest heading down to Arcade game mode and ending the game with every character to learn all their specific throws and how to counter their special throws.

However, if you are in a panic, try spamming all your keys. It works. Always. Be sure not to break your controller and you will surely become the strongest Throw breaker there ever is.

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