Brawl Stars Best Starting Characters and Tier List Guide

The purpose of Brawl Stars Best Starting Characters Guide is to give you an introduction about the tier list and best brawlers in the Brawl Stars.

The purpose of Brawl Stars Best Starting Characters Guide is to give you a brief introduction about the tier list and best brawlers in these tiers in the latest game Brawl Stars. Brawl Stars is a MOBA – shooter hybrid game developed by SuperCell.

After reading this guide you will be able to know about the tiers in the game and a good and balanced hero if you are new to the game.

Brawl Stars Best Starting Characters Guide

Here I have listed basic character tiers and a brief introduction of that character so that it is easy for you to understand about the characters. Every character has one exclusive weapon and an ultimate skill.

S Tier Characters

El–Primo – Tank
El–Primo is a tank and deals massive damage when he uses his special power. It is good for running away as well if you are low on health. It is not an easy feat to run away from an El – Primo.

Barley – Mixed
Barley has great character control, his special deals great damage with his ultimate shot. His attack is also good to stop enemies from getting gems from the center.

Leon – Assassin
A Legendary Brawler having the Super to go completely invisible for a while. Along with the invisibility, Leon is by far the fastest brawler in the game. His first Star Power is the Smoke Trails, increasing his speed throughout his Super. Invisiheal is his second Star Power which allows him to heal up to 1000 health each second throughout his Super

A Tier Characters

Nita – Fixed
Nita is an excellent all-rounder. She has great defense and a great offence. Direct confrontations are not recommended with her as she will lose often but direct confrontations are very rare.

Jessie – Fixed
She has more defensive characters than offense. Her gun is a decent weapon and can annoy your enemies a lot and it does a decent amount of damage with each shot.

Poco – Support
Poco is an easy to use hero, his basic attack is very simple to use and it hardly misses. Poco is a little hard to use in 1v1 battles and the best way to tackle him is with a coordinated team.

Shelly – Support
The default characters for newcomers and she is pretty basic to use. With a decent amount of damage and an average ultimate, she is a good starting character.

Pam – Support
An Epic Brawler who shoots a burst of scrap metal. She possesses two Star Powers, first one is the Mama’s Hug which allows her to recover her along with her teammate’s health by 400. Mama’s Squeeze is her second Star Power which allows her to heal herself along with her teammates and recovers turrets so they can do 500 damage each second

B Tier Characters

Colt – Support
Colt is a long range character and is pretty decent one. Good all-rounder but only flaw is that his ultimate is narrow and can be easily dodged.

Dynamike – Support
Dynamike is very annoying if the enemy team has it. Pretty useless in confrontations, his real strength comes when he hides behind a wall and chucks dynamites at the enemies. 1v1 is only possible to win when Dynamike’s special is activated.

Tara – Fighter
A Mythic Brawler who throws tarot cards, penetrating through the opponent. He uses her Super by throwing a rare illusory card, pulling any opponent near it and once everyone is sucked in, it explodes. She has two Star Powers and both of them summon her dark clone that either heals her or attacks the opponents once she uses Super.

Darryl– Heavyweight
A Super Rare Brawler who carries two double-handed shotguns with him. These shotguns cause a lot of damage on the opponent if they’re in a close range. Darryl uses his super to either escape bad situations or sprints towards his opponents and damages them.

Steel Hoops is his first Super Power which allows him to activate a shield throughout this Super which decreases 90% of the receives damage for almost a second. As for his second Super Power, he uses Rolling Reload which doubles his reload speed for 5 seconds after using Super

C Tier Characters

Bull – Tank
Bull is a very weak character. His gun has a very low range which turns it useless in most fights and his special is also not powerful enough. You will be wishing for wonders while fighting with Bull.

Frank– Heavyweight
Frank is a modern-day Frankenstein. This Epic Brawler comes with a massive hammer rested on his shoulders. He uses this hammer to attack opponents by sending a wave that can hit many of them. He can take a lot damage due to his massive size and health.

For his Star Powers, he has the Power Grab which grants a 50% damage increase for 12 seconds after killing an opponent brawler. The second Star Power is called Sponge which increase his health up to 1100.

Rico – Sharpshooter
Ricochet, now called Rico is a Super Rare Brawler. This brawler has a low health along with a high damage output. He carries a mini cannon with him which shoots bullets that can travel around for quite a while, bouncing here and there.

Rico has a Star Power called Super Bouncy which allows him to shoot bullets that do additional 100 damage upon bouncing. Other than that, he also has a second star power called the Robo Retreat which allows him to sprint once his health drops below 40%.

D Tier Characters

Piper – Sharpshooter
An Epic Brawler with a very low health bar. Piper can perform moves that can cause a lot of damage to the opponent for example; her single shot attack, executed from a far distance from the opponent. Piper basically plays a sniper role in Brawler stars. She’s Unlocked from Brawl Boxes.

BO – Fighter
For a common Brawler, BO possesses an impressive health. His main attack is a Bow attack. He throws three explosives attached to the arrows which cause a lot of carnage inside a decent sized radius, damaging anyone coming in contact. A part from all the attacks, BO also has two Star powers called the Circling Eagle and Snare a Bear,

Circling Eagle allows him to locate any opponent hiding behind bushes while Snare a Bear sends his mines to stun the opponents.

Crow – Assassin
A Legendary Brawler used for throwing daggers and poisoning his opponents. Just like the name says, this Legendary brawler is a crow in Boots. When using his super, he leaps in the air and throws daggers at the opponent. He has two Star Powers, Extra Toxic and the Carrion Crow.

Extra Toxic allows him to cut 20% of the affected opponent’s damage output. Whereas the Carrion Crow increases an extra 120 damage to his main attack and super (if the opponent has his health decreased below 50%)

Mortis – Assassin
A Mythic Brawler used for attacking the opponents by running forward and striking them with force. Mortis has a super which allows him to summon bats; that’s a pretty obvious super since he looks like a vampire. These bats suck the victim’s health and increasing his own.

Mortis has two Star Powers; one is the Creepy Harvest which recovers his health up to 1800 after killing an opponent brawler. As for the other Star Power, he also uses the Coiled Snake which increases 75% of his dash range.

Brawl Stars Best Starting Characters

This section of the guide will tell you which brawlers are the best to start the game with. There are total 15 characters in the game but here I will give the 6 best brawlers to start the game with.

Shelly is the first character that every newcomer will play with. She is a decent and balance ranged brawler with 800 HP points. Her per hit damage is 80 and her long range shot has a decent spread. Her super does 80 damage per shell. All her hits have spread damage which is very useful for crowd control. Her ultimate also has a knockback effect which is a good option when you’re low on health and want to run away from melee enemies.

Colt is one of the most fragile brawlers of the game with only 600 HP. However, his plus points are that he is a long-ranged gunner and he can fire 6 bullets in rapid succession. Colt’s ultimate requires precision and a stationary enemy to be fully effective. It is same as the normal attack but is a buffed up version. More bullets, more impact but the enemy is not a stationary tree. Best way to use this power is to somehow force the enemy in a linear path where he cannot around too much. His per bullet damage is 80 and in ultimate each bullet also does 80 damage.

Brock is also one of those fragile heroes who are very good at long-ranged attacks. Brock will absolutely own the enemies at long-range. His rocket does heavy damage and it will do it at quite a safe distance. If an enemy manages to reach Brock up close, he will very likely die as he is pretty weak in 1v1.

Brock has total 600 HP, attack damage of 200 per rocket while in super each rocket will deal a total of 260 damage to the enemy. Best used in large maps with easy access to long clear paths. Not recommended for tight and close quarter maps. His super can not only deal massive damage but can also block to way for strategic implementations.

Nita looks like a small girl with a teddy bear hat but she is actually an attacker bear called Big Baby Bear. She has 800 HP with 160 damage per hit. Her ultimate is a big bear which deals100 damage and has a total 1200 HP. Her normal attack sends a shockwave right in front of her at a short distance. Her shockwaves go through normal enemies and they can hit other enemies as well. This causes the super to charge at a much faster speed.

El Primo
El Primo is one of the best brawlers in the game. He has massive health, 1300 HP and damage per fist is 80 while his super does 200 damage. His massive health and extreme mobility makes him a very good tank. His super also increases his mobility which makes it even more easier to get up close and personal and punch your enemies. El Primo is best used in close quarters however his increased mobility can make sure he crosses fields quickly and reaches enemies pretty easily. His damage stats are per punch while his super makes him more mobile.

Bull is lighter and faster than El Primo but is also a good tank. He has a large amount of health that is 1200 HP and his super allows him move at insane speeds. Good stats for a tank. He bulldozes everything in his path that allows him to overpower nearly everything in its way. His shotgun has a good spread damage and a decent range and he also has a fan shaped damage which deals area damage to nearby enemies.

This concludes our Brawl Stars Best Starting Characters Guide. These are our opinions. If you have anything else to add or share your own best characters or tier list please feel free to add in the comments section below!

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