Bravely Default 2 Wiswald Walkthrough

The Wiswald region holds many secrets to uncover and consists of chests, ambushes, and side quests to complete. This is a complete walkthrough of Wiswald in Chapter 2 of Bravely Default 2.

Bravely Default 2 Wiswald

Before heading into the city, explore the region for some chests. The first chest is found on the other side of the bridge. Simply follow the river west leading you to the chest with an Earthing Rod.

Head south to find your second chest. The chest is located near some big rocks in the region; fight your way through an ambush and get a Medium EXP Orb.

For the last chest, head east and you’ll find your third chest at the end of the mountain edge with Mittens in it.

At last! You can now enter the city, the Scholars’ Haven of Wiswald. Continue making your way to the North to the Hydrangea Hills area and go even further with the help of a portal.

You’ll find a bunch of chests in the region. Simply head North, Northwest and then West of the region to come across the first chest. Cut few trees, cross the stone bridge and come across another chest. Make your way through an ambush and get an Oak Staff.

Go back to the Halcyonia area using the wagon. Now head to the Savalon and encounter a man who tasks you a sidequest to complete called Tools of the Trade. In this sidequest, you must Retrieve the tradesman’s tools and get rewarded with Medium JP Orb x2.

Once that’s done, enter the city to get assigned two more sidequests: Uneasy Friends, found at Anihal’s House in Savalon and rewards you with Sands of Time, while the other is One Swanky Shell found at Savalon Inn and rewards you with Booster Bun.

Complete these sidequests and head back to Wiswald. Explore the area and you’ll find the Inn, north to the stairs where you can rest for a while, the purple house on the right is where you’ll find a woman who lends boats; the house on the right is actually a bar.

Head South of the Inn to find some wooden planks on the tree. Use them to climb the tree, come across a split and head left to another sidequest, Pedal to the Medal, which rewards you with Teleport Stone x7.

You’ll find a weapon shop on the right. Take the good ones since you’ll face many enemies in the future. Head back up to the tree, go North to Gloria. Head west of the roots to find another chest with 2360 pg inside.

From Gloria, cross the bridge to move south to reach a creepy-looking character that calls out Galahad to fight you.

Note that, in the future, you’ll also face the creepy man, the battle is easy; just attack him few times and he’ll go away.

Head back to the tree split, but this time, go right and enter the building. But before going inside, move down the root to find a hidden chest with a Justacorps piece of gear inside.

Now you can enter the building and trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, talk to Lily, the wife of Roddy. She is found at the shop, head over to the shop to trigger another cutscene and either help out Roddy or Lily, it’s completely up to you.

This leaves us with the last two sidequests of the region. Talk to a kid near the tree at the Inn for the first one called Hopping Mad, which rewards you with Courage Ring.

For the second (An Exquisite Drop), talk to the lady inside the bar and get rewarded with 2100 pg after completing the sidequest.

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