Bravely Default 2 Wiswald Woods Walkthrough

Wiswald Woods is the third dungeon of chapter 2 in Bravely Default 2, and in this detailed walkthrough, we’ll go through it step-by-step with details on enemy encounters and chests.

Bravely Default 2 Wiswald Woods

Navigating the Wiswald Woods in Bravely Default 2 won’t be an easy task as you will be facing some monsters on the way and might even get lost in the forest.

Below is a detailed walkthrough of the Wiswald Woods area of Bravely Default II, where we will explain all you need to know. But first, let’s take a look at the creatures you’ll face!

Wiswald Woods Monsters

The Monsters that you will face in the Wiswald Woods in Bravely Default II include Petunias, Mossy Fungoo, Orc Chieftains, Ahura, and Ogres.

Petunias are weak to Wind, Daggers, and Swords and absorb Water, Earth, and Light. They can easily silence your team.

Mossy Fungoos are weak to Fire, Wind, Swords, and Staves; they can also Absorb Water and Earth. They have the ability to keep on re-spawning.

Orc Chieftains are weak to Lightning, Earth, and Bows. Ahura, which is a demon is weak against axes, Bows, Wind, and Light but is immune to darkness. Finally, Ogres are weak to Earth, Light, Swords, and Spears.


Leave Wiswald and head north, then Hug the cliff on your left to reach the Wiswald Woods. A cutscene will play, after which you can explore the maze-like dungeon of Wiswald Woods.

Take the left path at the entrance, which is great for grinding. Anyway, go straight to find the first chest. You will reach the area that breaks out into multiple paths; that is where you need to stick to the left side and follow it to find 4x Mini Ether.

Go to the bottom left path and follow it all the way to the end to find the chest number at the top lip. Three Petunias and two Mossy Fungoo will pop out of it, which you can kill to get Hawkeye axe. Now go back and take the left path, which will lead you deeper into the dungeon.

For the third chest, go back and through the crossroads and go right until you see a corridor at the top-right. Follow the corridor and then cross the river, go a bit further and look down ahead to see a path hidden in tall grass. On the right of the end of the path, grab the chest there for 1760 pg.

Go back to the main path where you found the hidden path, then head right and go up, at the split. Take the first left you see and follow it to chest four. Kill the Four Mossy Fungoo that will appear here to get Medium JP Orb

Go back to the upwards path to find the  Dungeon Portal and a save point where you can save the game and then go down the path on the right to find 5x Throwing Axe.

Return to the save point and go to the top-left path to cross the log bridge. From here, keep going left, ignoring the shortcuts. Eventually, the path will loop up, take the second hidden here after turning right for the sixth chest that has a Mythril Bangle.

For the 7th chest, go back and take the right path instead, which will take you to 3x Plant Food. Continue right after crossing the second log bridge and take the upper route for chests eight and nine containing Rune Staff and 4x Ether, respectively.

Head back to the second log bridge and then head down, go around the loop, keeping close to the right wall until you reach the last save point where you must save the game and use a tent to fill up your HP and MP.

Keep going straight to see two cutscenes, after which the main boss fight of Wiswald Woods will start.

Lily Boss Fight

You will be fighting Lily the ranger here. Her HP is 21591, and she is weak to Thunder, Light, Swords and Staves. She also takes half damage from Dark, wind, daggers and Bows. Lily has the special ability to paralyze her enemies and deals bonus damage to them; therefore, you must utilize an anti-Paralyze ability or have your White Mage use Basuna.

Picto Amrita will be with Lily, assisting her in the battle; you must finish it first with Physical attacks as it is its weakness, then take your focus to Lily. Avoid using Savagery attacks against lily as she can counter them easily.

Eventually, you will be able to defeat her, especially if you equip a Vanguard with Neo Cross Slash. With this, your sword will deal even more damage.