Bravely Default 2 Treetop Tower Walkthrough

Treetop Tower is the fourth mission of Chapter 2 of Bravely Default II. In this mission, you return to Wisward and make your way to the Treetop Tower. In this Bravely Default 2 Treetop Tower guide, we have the complete Treetop Tower mission walkthrough for you.

Bravely Default 2 Treetop Tower

After you return to Wiswald town after completing the previous mission, head to the Treetop Tower in Bravely Default II. When you reach the Tower, a cutscene will play.

You will see that Galahad, the Guardian of the Tower, is not at the entrance, and you can enter the Tower without any hassle.

Head inside the Tower, where you will find multiple different enemies like Hellhounds, Kobold, Dead Knights, Pephredo, and Baphomets.

They will be roaming free throughout the Tower so take them out as you encounter them. Some of these enemies are tough so make sure that you reach level 25 before you enter the Tower.

Also scattered through the Tower are chests. A total of 11 chests are located in the Treetop Tower. One Chest is on the first floor, two chests on the second floor, three chests on the third, one on the fourth, and the last four on the sixth floor.

To find the first Chest, head to the first chamber on the first floor and use the stairs to go down and find the first Chest containing a Teleport Stone.

For the second Chest, head to the second chamber and take the stairs to the 2nd floor to find the Chest in the corner of the room.

This Chest is guarded by Dead Knight enemies. Defeat them all to obtain the Earthbreaker axe from the Chest.

The Third Floor
Now use the stairs to return to the first floor for the third Chest which contains 2520 pg. Now use the staircase to go to the third floor.

Once on the third floor, go ahead in the hallway and enter the first room on the left to get the fourth Chest which contains four Phoenix Downs.

Now go to the Dungeon Portal on the third floor of Treetop Tower and use the stairs near it to go up. Go left and use the next staircase to go down.

There you will find the fifth and sixth chests containing Typhoon Shield and 3x Ether.

Now head to the fourth floor and go to the first staircase on the left side of the floor. Use it to return to the third floor and get the seventh Chest containing Adamant Helm.

Now return to the fourth floor, where you will find an exit from the Tower.

But there are still more floors to discover and chests to find. Use the door to find three staircases. Use the second staircase to find the eighth Chest containing seven Mini Ether.

Now head back down and use the third staircase to go up and find the ninth Chest containing Medium JP Orb.

Now continue on the path from the ninth Chest until you find another staircase. Use it to go down and head right.

Keep continuing on to find another case and use it to reach the 10th Chest. It contains Longinus spear.

The Final Chest
For the final Chest, make your way to the seventh floor of the Tower. Once you find all the chests, you will have to fight Galahad who is the boss fight of this mission.

Galahad has very high HP (30,840 health points). He is weak to Staves, Light and daggers. It takes half damage from swords, bows, spears, and earth and wind elements.

The best way is to use daggers and staves against him as he takes full damage from them.

You can also use a Black Mage in this boss fight since they bypass enemy immunities and will deal full damage to them with every weapon.

After you finish the fight, the mission will be complete. You will unlock Shieldmaster Job as a reward.

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