Bravely Default 2 Side Quests Guide

In this Bravely Default 2 Side Quests walkthrough, we'll be showing you how to complete all 10 of these side-quests and the rewards you get for doing so!

Bravely Default 2 features a wide variety of side-quests. The RPG features a total of 10 side-quests for the player to complete. In this Bravely Default 2 Side Quests walkthrough, we’ll be showing you how to complete all 10 of these side-quests.

Bravely Default 2 Side Quests

You can find a total of 10 side-quests in the game, namely:

Borrowing the Boat

After the scene with Seth and the Old Woman, you’ll find yourself at the beach where you first started. This quest allows you to use the game’s online features, which happens passively while your Switch is in sleep mode. The game will comprehensively explain what the entire function does, which is collect rewards while your system is in sleep mode.

Simply set sail before heading to bed and reap the rewards in the morning!

Once you set your ship out for the first time and it comes back, the scene with the Old Woman will continue and you will have essentially completed this side-quest.

Rewards: Teleport Stone x2

A Knife to Remember

The second side-quest can be found near Halcyonia, South-East from the fork. Go to the marker to find a sahagin which only shows up during daytime. You might have to wait for the sun to turn up if it’s night time.

As you get close to it, a fight will start and you will have to take out all the enemies. You will then find a knife and find yourself fin a scene with Lady Emma and Elvis’ teacher. Go to Halcyonia after the back and talk to the fisherman. Talk to him and give him the good news and the dagger as well after which the quest will finally come to an end.

Rewards: Dart x3

Human’s Best Friend: Part I

Truff seems to need your help in finding a ring lost in the long grass. It’s a neat way of explaining to the player how to clear out grass as well with your sword. Simply press Y to cut through the tall grass with your sword. This will give you rewards which can be money, items or even weapons and armor.

Go to the green marker after starting this quest and press Y to swing. You will receive an item and be thrown into a cutscene. After talking to the guy, and take care of the ambush that shows up afterwards. Once you deal with the enemies, a small scene will play and the quest will complete afterwards.

Rewards: Small Exp. Orb x2


This quest is a little short, and requires you to help out a traveler suffering from immense pain. All you need is to get 3 potions and give it to the man in pain outside of Halcyonia. Doing so will complete this short quest.

Rewards: Mini Ether x4

One Boy’s Quest

Someone seems to be extremely worried about their son having wandered out of Halcyonia. To complete this quest, you will have to locate the missing boy.

You can find the kid in the steepled building on the bottom left side of the city; south of the weapon/armor shop.

Talk to the kid and he will put forward his side of the story; explaining that he was looking for a birthday present. Go and explain to the mom which will then bring this quest to a conclusion.

Rewards: Echo Herbs x3

Business to be Getting On With

Wait for night-time and go to Halcyonia. There is a marker outside of Halcyonia that will take you on a goblin-killing adventure. The person here apparently can’t get to his errands with all the goblins on loose.

Kill any 3 Goblins around and return to Halcyonia during night-time yet again and claim your rewards.

Rewards: 470 pg

Dish of the Day

Find the quest in Halcyonia Inn, and let it take you on an adventure to find and kill a ferocious wolf: Fenrir.

The blue wolf can be found outside of Halcyonia up North towards the Outlaws’ Hideout. As you get closer a fight will start; but do save before-hand. The wolf is weak to Ice and Ranged attacks.

Fenrir’s quite the tough enemy and can deal around 200 damage per hit. You’ll have to take down a 3,000-health point bar before you knock the guy out. Defeating the wolf will reward you with a good amount of EXP, JP and pg.

Rewards: Fresh Fish x2

Presentation is Everything

The quest can be found in the Halcyonia Throne Room. Once you have the quest, head to North of Halcyonia, in the Hydrangea Hills. Follow the dirt road here and once you cross the second Stonebridge, you will find a fork. Go East from here to the flower field, where you’ll find 3 sparkles with your side-quest marker.

Examine all 3 to get the 3 motley trefoil and go back to Halcyonia to the throne room. Talk to the old man to finally complete the quest.

Rewards: Small JP Orb x3

Double Dare

You can find this quest in Halcyonia from the little kid. Go to the Outlaws’ hideout and go in, down the hallway. Go into the first room to the North and you can interact with an item on the table.

Examine the item to find an Enspooklopaedia. Go back to Halcyonia with the book and take it to the little kid to complete the quest.

Rewards: Booster Bun (Evasion) x2

A Grizzly Conundrum

If you’re not that far into the game and get this quest right after Selene and Dag, you might find this fight a tad bit difficult. You will initially obtain the quest outside of Halcyonia, and be tasked to get rid of the grizzly.

You can find the grizzly by the area with a bunch of trees where you got the side-quest from initially. The grizzly can be found here. Save the game, and get ready to fight.

Alongside the grizzly, you’ll be fighting an Orc Leader and Fresh Foliole. We’ll be putting our focus onto the Foliole as much as possible so that he can’t continue to heal the party during the fight. If you can’t seem to break their first line of defense, then it’s best to leave this quest for now and return later when you’re a little stronger.

However, if you do manage to beat the lot, simply head back to the starting point of the quest to get your rewards.

Rewards: Mythril Staff

Hear the Wind Blow

Looks like an old man has lost himself in the wind and it’s up to you to find it. After finding the quest in Halcyonia, simply head North from where you first acquired the side-quest. The old man can be found down the staircase from the weapon/armor shop. Once you’ve talked to the old man himself, go back to where you first started the quest and let him know regarding your conversation. You will have to go back to the old man once again to tell him that the steaks are getting cold. Return once again to the starting point to finally complete the quest.

Rewards: Ward Light x2

Always by Your Side

In the first chapter in Halcyonia you will be asked to go pick some snow lilies. To do so, you’re going to have to go to Hydrangea Hills. Simply get to the flower field and save your game. The fight is fairly challenging as the enemy you’re about to face has roughly the same amount of HP as a boss.

Avoid the following things in this fight:

Trying to inflict status ailments.

Attempting to decrease the enemy’s stats.

Don’t heal using magic.

Keep yourself stocked up on potions and don’t use ANY White Magic. Use tanks and DPS to end the fight as quickly as possible. Avoid getting countered and you will be gold.

Get the Snow Lilies after the fight and go back to talk to the king. This will complete the quest.

Rewards: Wind Talisman

Gold in the Grass

A helpless old man has unfortunately lost his dentures in the dense grass. The quest can be found in Halcyonia during Chapter 1. All you need to do to complete this quest is go out of Halyconia and make your way East. Follow the river and you will eventually get to the quest marker. Start swinging your sword to clear out the grass and you’ll be able to find the Gold Dentures.

Return the item to the old man in order to complete the quest.

Rewards: 1300 pg

In the Dark

Outside of Outlaws’ Hideout, you’ll be able to find a soldier who will be asking you to get a lantern for him. There’re no directions and no marker for this quest, so just go to the throne room and talk to the guy by the pillar on the right who so happens to be the buddy who has the lantern.

Talk to him, and take the lantern back to the soldier and you will have completed the quest.

Rewards: Booster Bun (Physical Defense) x2

Belle of the Ball

Someone needs you to go gather roc tail feathers for them so they can look fabulous in Halcyonia during Chapter 1.

To find Rocs, you’ll have to make your way to the Vale of Sighs. Dealing with any of the Roc enemies here will give you the resources that you need (Roc Tall Feathers). There’s a chance you might get them after a fight, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t.

Give the feathers to the woman and she will ask you to take them to a tailor in Savalon. Use a wagon to make your way to Savalon and ask the tailor to make the dress. Return with it back to Halcyonia to get your reward.

Rewards: Feather Hat

The Harbinger of Calamity

During Chapter 1, to the South of Savalon, you can talk to a man to obtain the quest ‘The Harbinger of Calamity’. You’ll discover that a strange one-eyed creature has been terrorizing the area nearby lately.

Head West from this point to find an Ahriman and you will have to eliminate it. The fight consists of a total of 3 Ahrimans and 3 Evil Eyes. Note that they’re weak to light damage and ranged attacks.

Go back to Savalon and talk to the quest-giver to complete the side-quest and claim your rewards.

Rewards: 680 gp

Say It with Shells

You’ll find this side-quest to the North of Savalon in Chapter 1. It requires you to find seashells on the beach to the South of Savalon. On the Western side, you’ll see a sparkle. Pick it up to discover a ‘Pretty Seashell’. Keep following the beach East and you will come across 2 additional sparkles. Grab them and make your way back to the city to give him the seashells and complete the quest.

Rewards: 520 pg

Target Practice

When you come to the throne room, you’ll find out that goblin archers have been giving the guards a run for their money. To complete the quest, you need to simply kill 3 of them.

You can find the archers North-West on the route that takes you to the Vale of Sighs. Kill merely 3 of them and that should be enough. Note that the goblins are weak to lightning so you should be able to kill them easily. Once done, return to the throne room to claim your rewards.

Rewards: Iron Bow

Book Smarts

Looks like this person in Savalon (Chapter 1) has run out of things to read and you need to find him something fresh and new.

Go back to Halcyonia and run up the staircase in the center. Talk to the small kid on the left right outside of the building of the Old Lady. He will give you a book, ‘Lightweight Tome’. Give to the old man back in Savalon to complete the quest.

Rewards: Silver Glasses x2

A Long Lunch

Grab this quest from outside of the Inn in Savalon and make your way to the Sandswept Ruins. The husband in question can be found North from here. Go through the door and turn left. Head further North to come across a four-way fork. Go into the North-Western room to find a man awaiting his lunch.

Unfortunately, the wife forgot water. Go back, and talk to the wife to get the iced tea. However, when you come back to the husband once again, he’ll realize that she also forgot a fork. So just go back again, grab the fork and give it to him to complete the quest.

Rewards: Large JP Orb

Heart and Sole

This side-quest can be found in Savalon during the first chapter. Adelle needs help finding new shoes, and to help her out with this little task you’re going to have to go and find Adelle and Elvis standing outside of a shop.

Find the shopkeeper’s cat behind the house next to the palace. Talk to the shopkeeper to start a cutscene and you will have gotten Adelle new shoes and finished this side-quest.

Rewards: Snug Scarf

Add Some Sparkle

This quest is unlocked after the Underground Reservoir events. To start the quest, head towards the gaming hall and speak to the man at the hall.

You need to find sparkly sand for him from near the river. Head towards the northeast of Savalon. You will find the marker near the edge of the river. Go towards the marker and get the sand for the man. Now, go back to the man and give him the sparkly sand to end the quest.

Rewards: Teleport Stone x5

Bond of Brothers

After completing the Bernard’s Mansion event, talk to the man locked inside a cell. He will ask you to send a message to his brother who is inside the palace next to the staircase.

Head out of the prison and go talk to his brother. You will now go back and forth between the two brothers sending messages. The quest will over when there are no more messages to send.

Reward: Peace Ring

Taking a Gamble

To start this side-quest, head to the gaming mall and talk with Shirley. She will teach you how to play B & D mini-game, which is a card game. You can learn more about the mini-game in our B&D mini-game guide.

This will be a tutorial match that you will win and get points that you can use to get cards. When the mini-game ends, head towards the marker and talk to Orpheus. He will tell you that Shirley has the Asterisk and the only way you can get it from her is by playing against two players and defeating Shirley.

Play against the two players in the gaming hall. You don’t have to win the match to progress further. After playing with them, go back to where Shirley is.

You will now play against Shirley to get the Gambler’s Asterisk. If you lose to her, restart over and try again. This will take a lot of your time as it is very difficult to win against Shirley. Read our guide on the B&D mini-game and you will be able to win the match easily.

After defeating her, you will now have a boss fight with her. You can learn more about the boss fight in our Shirley Boss Fight guide.

Reward: Medium JP Orb x2

A Fragrant Lie

After completing the Underground Reservoir, you will get a side-quest to find the lost perfume for the man in Salavon.

Enter the Underground Reservoir and use the portal. From the portal, head towards the north path with lanterns and wooden support beams. Once outside towards the World Map, go to the cliff near the water.

Interact with the glowing object and go back towards the man in Savalon to get your reward and complete the quest.

Reward: Booster bun (Magical Attack) x2

Rich Pickings

Talk to the man on the left side in the gaming hall to get this quest. Your objective is to enter a deadly mansion filled with monsters to get a treasure for him.

Head towards the northeastern part of the map and towards the cliff near the river, you will find the gate to the Abandoned Mansion.

Enter the mansion and clear the area. Once the mansion is cleared, head back to the man in Savalon to finish the quest.

Reward: 5x Small JP Orb

Human’s Best Friend: Part 2

You will get this quest after finishing Savalon. Talk to Truff standing next to a bridge to start the quest.

He wants you to get a Schnitzel from Savalon. Head to Savalon and talk to the man standing outside the gaming hall. He will tell you the location of the Innkeeper who makes Schnitzel.

Go to the Inn and ask the Innkeeper to make a Schnitzel for you. Take the Schnitzel and give it to Truff to finish the quest.

Reward: 2x Medium EXP Orb

Uneasy Friends

Anihal has found a sandworm that is bothering her animals at the Sandswept Ruins. Go to the southwest of the city and enter the ruins. Head to the marker to find the sandworm and engage in a fight.

The sandworm will have a higher ATK than the usual sandworm you find. Defeat the sandworm to find a dagger. Take the dagger to Anihal and watch the cutscene.

Reward: Sands of Time

Tools of the Trade

A man forgot his tools at Bernard’s Mansion. Head to the mansion and enter. Go upstairs and straight ahead. From the corner, turn right and enter the room. You will find a shiny item in the room. Examine the item and take it back to the man outside.

Reward: x2 Medium JP Orb

One Swanky Shell

You need to find and fight a Rock Tortoise to get its shell for the kid. Head to the north towards Wiswald and you will find the tortoise on the other side of the bridge.

Rock Tortoise has higher DEF and reflects magic by casting spells. It only has 1800 HP, so beating him will be easy for you. Once he is defeated, go back to the Inn and give the shell to the kid.

Reward: Booster Bun (Physical Defense)

Pedal to the Medal

This side-quest requires you to find 3 hidden medals around the area. Go south from where the kid is and look on your right. There is a medal outside of the house. From here, go northwest towards the house. Go inside to found the second medal.

The third medal will be found by going north from the kid and crossing the bridge. You will find the last medal there.

Reward: x7 Teleport Stone

Hopping Mad

For this quest, you need to find and kill 4 Lop-eared badbitts. Go ahead and exit Wiswald city towards the southern outskirts. You will find many lop-eared badbitts there.

Kill 4 of them and return to the kid in the city.

Reward: Courage Ring

An Exquisite Drop

A lady from Wiswald wants you to get a drink from a shop in Halcyonia. Fast travel to Halcyonia and go to the shop to find a man inside.

Talk to the man who will give you Rummy Morten that you needed for the lady. Return to Wiswald and talk to the lady to complete this quest.

Reward: 2100 PG

Seek Out That Weakness

You need to kill 3 Paraponera enemies that can be found in the northwest of Wiswald. Head there and find the red ants. Kill 3 of the Paraponera enemies and return to the man who gave you the quest.

Reward: Main-Gauche

Seek Out That Weakness… Again!

Just like the previous quest, you need to find and kill 5 Moulder enemies. Moulders look like green tarantulas that are located at the northeast of Wiswald.

Head there and kill 5 Moulders to finish the quest.

Reward: Flametongue

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