Bravely Default 2 Savalon Walkthrough

Our Bravely Default 2 Savalon Walkthrough will get you up to speed with all the steps that you need to take to come out on top in the City of Savalon in Bravely Default 2.

Bravely Default 2 Savalon

Throughout your stay in Savalon, you will be completing side quests and collecting chests featuring useful items.

In our guide below, we’ll tell you exactly how you should do them. So, let’s begin!

As soon as you enter the city of Savalon, a cutscene will play in which you’ll see some people worried because their houses are under the water.

On seeing the water in the background, Elvis will run off. You will be shown a bit more of the city and introduced to the An Oasis in a Desolate Desert in Savalon.

Also, you will receive some information about ward lights – that allow you to avoid being detected by foes and treats that allows you to keep luring and fighting enemies.

Next, watch the Party Chat and talk to the man with a wagon in the speech bubble. Doing so will allow you to fast-travel to other cities you’ve previously visited, free of cost.

Now, go past the little cave and head north to find the equipment shop. From here, you can buy the kind of weapon, armor, and accessories that you need.

Having done that, continue following the boardwalk until a cutscene plays. This cutscene will introduce a character called Orpheus, who will turn out to be your enemy.

You’ll also get to know that people are upset about floods.

After the cutscene ends, go right from the building in front and head inside the little house in the back.

Inside, collect the chest containing a Spear.

Next, head west and proceed to the little house for a side quest that requires you to collect some pretty seashells.

Head to Halcyonia
After finishing this side quest, make your way to Halcyonia and complete all the sidequests assigned to you by the old man near the entrance, from the lady outside the bar, and the King himself.

The objectives of these side quests are to find the old man’s gorgeous gold dentures, going and picking some snow lilies, and collecting some roc tail feathers, respectively.

When all the sidequests in Halcynia come to an end, head to the Outlaws’ Hideout, where you’ll see a soldier positioned outside with a side quest that requires you to borrow a lantern.

Return to Savalon
After completing this side quest, go back to Savalon and interact with Prince Castor in the palace. Doing so will prompt a cutscene.

After the scene ends, talk to the NPC in the area to initiate another side quest that requires you to defeat some goblin archers.

Once you complete this side quest, go inside the room towards the right and collect the chest Antidote x3.

Now, leave the room and complete two more side quests. One of them is on the docks towards the eastern side and requires you to borrow a book from the boy who likes reading.

On the contrary, the other is on the southern side of the city near the weapon/armor shop and requires you to defeat the one-eyed creature.

After completion of these side quests, head back to the building that you first encountered at the entrance to Savalon.

Once there, a cutscene will be prompted with Bernard.

When the scene ends, ascend the staircase and then make a right. Keep on proceeding and you’ll get your hands on a chest with 740 pg.

Next, exit the building and converse with the female NPC outside the Inn to start another side quest that requires you to deliver the lunch to the ruins.

Complete this side quest and try leaving the city to trigger a scene with Orpheus and Anihal.

Leave the City, Again!
Once this cutscene ends, leave the city.

Now, go directly east from the entrance of Savalon and collect a chest containing 390 GP from below the bridge.

After that, cross the stone bridge there. Follow the short path to find a chest containing Flame Talisman at the end.

After collecting this chest, proceed to the little oasis in the north-east. Towards the southern side of the oasis, you’ll find a chest with a doublet inside.

Behind this chest, towards the east, you’ll also find a chest containing a tent by a rock.

Return to the City, Again!
Having done that, head back inside the city and proceed south-east from the tent-like building.

Here, there’s another chest among the trees with a Bronze Bangle inside.

Now, head east along the beach and keep moving even when the beach ends. When you see a way, go north and obtain the chest containing Mythril Staff.

Be wary of the skeleton horse enemy here, as even his single hit can be fatal.

Finally, when you’ve collected all the chests, proceed south-west from the city to your destination, Sandswept Ruins.