Bravely Default 2 Sandswept Ruins Walkthrough

In Bravely Default 2, the Sandswept Ruins are the first dungeon of Chapter 1. In this Bravely Default 2 Sandswept Ruins walkthrough, we will tell you everything that you need to know about this dungeon and how to complete it.

Bravely Default 2 Sandswept Ruins

Once you have entered the Sandswept Ruins in Bravely Default II, a cut scene will be played, and you can continue to the walkthrough once the cut scene is finished.

If you’re into collecting chests and want to explore the dungeon, Jump to the section ahead. If you want to get to the boss quickly, you have to go to the open arena you start from and head to the upper left, from their head down into the corridor.

From the corridor, go up using the stairs and turn left. Go down from here till you reach the portal. From the Dungeon Portal, go left and get down from there and head forward till you reach the save point.

When you get into the arch next to the save point, the boss battle with Orpheus will commence marking the end of Sandswept Ruins in Bravely Default II.

Enemies in the Sandswept Ruins

You will encounter different enemies here, like Restless Souls which are easy to beat using the Light and Wind.

Terra Elements are spirits that are not strong against Staves and Wind and are immune to lightning. Another enemy you may encounter is Diatryma which is a Beast and can be taken out using Bows and Lightning.

You will also find Sandworms here, which are insects and can be taken care of using Axes and Water. Daidarabocci are undead foes that have a weakness of swords and lightning and they absorb darkness.

Chests Locations

You will find about 7 chests in Sandswept Ruins. You have to go through holes of the maze to find these chests. You will find the first chest in the area of the sand.

You have to go up and once you see the archway get down in the hallway. Now in the far end of the area on the upper wall, there is a hole from where you can enter the sandy area. You will find the chest on the right side.

Get out of that area and go towards the left side. Go up the corridor and you will find the second chest behind the wall.  Move forward and you will see a fortification break which will take you to the next chest.

Now get back to the break wall and get back to the arch. Now towards the right side and then up. At the crossroads, turn left and enter the room at the bottom to find the next chest of Sandswept Ruins.

Now you have to go to the room on the upper side for the quest and then speak to the man for moving the quest further.

Now you have to get back to Savalon and talk to his wife. After that, get back to him again and go to the wife again. You will find the 4th chest right above the room of the 3rd chest.

You have to go through the broken wall. After that, get back to the area where you find the 2nd chest but go upstairs from there. Go towards the left side and then follow the path towards the Dungeon portal; while going towards the arch, you will find the 5th chest.

For the 6th chest, return to the portal and go left. Move forward till the end and then go up and head towards the left again. You will find a giant Daidarabocchi here. You can avoid that fight or kill them to get the 6th chest.

Now again, get back and down towards the arch and go to the save point.

Move forward and go up using the stairs and you will find the last chest of Sandswept Ruins. You can now return to the save point or go through the arch to start the cut scene and the Boss fight will starts.

You have to make sure you rest and save the game before that.  Defeat the Boss, Orpheus; Check out our guide on beating him if you’re having trouble.

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