Bravely Default 2 Rimedahl Walkthrough

This Bravely Default 2 Rimedahl walkthrough will help you get through the beautiful snowy city of Rimedahl in Chapter 3 of Bravely Default II, as well as the Serpents Grotto dungeon.

Bravely Default 2 Rimedahl

As you enter the town of Rimedahl, you meet Gwilym, a dragon, who then joins your party. Next, you hear a few town folk talk about a girl accused of being a fairy and deciding to investigate. Before you head on, enter the first house on your right and on the 1st floor is a chest.

Head up the stairs on the right and witness the ways of the people of Rimedahl. You find the way of Judgement in Rimedahl much suspicious as a girl jumps off a cliff to prove her innocence. Here, the archbishop visits you and invites you to the Hall of High Holies.

Keep going up the stairs and cross the bridge. Once you do, descend the stairs and go down. Enter the town and open the chest. Another chest is on top of the same tower. Go up the spiral stairs and open another chest.

Now ascend and keep on going to get to the Hall of High Holies. Here, you talk to the archbishop and question his beliefs. The archbishop warns you and leaves.

You suspect that he might have the Fire Crystal. Here, Gwilym reveals that his father, Gwydion, is worshipped as the father of all Dragons.

Head down the stairs again to the main entrance of Rimedahl and leave the city. Follow the marker to enter the Serpents Grotto.

Serpents Grotto

Serpents Grotto is a long cave but is a single path, so it’s not really hard to find your way around. There are also 9 chests to grab in Serpents Grotto.

The first chest is to the immediate right of the entrance, along the path to a dead-end. Go back to the entrance and go under the arch, then hook an immediate left to what appears to be a dead end. Head down for chest two.

Head back and continue down the path to the right. When you pass the two chests in the distance below you and reach the fork, head right for chest three.

Fall back to the fork and go left until you go down some stairs. Immediately head down from here under the bridge you crossed above to reach chests four and five. Chest five will have a few enemies.

Return to the stairs and go right, following the path around then up. Skip the route you see on the left instead of continuing up and go to the right for chest six.

Go back to where the path split and go up towards the left. You’ll run into a save point. Down is a dead end, so head up to continue. Follow this route up and to the left until you go up a ramp. Follow this long path until you find the seventh chest.

Get back on the path and go left until you see a glowing ramp on your left-hand side. Go up to find chest eight.

Go right from the eighth chest and across the bridge to reach chest nine. Kill the two enemies who will attack you.

Now, head straight from the save point to interact with the NPC standing guard. You will talk to her and she will take you to talk to Gwydion.

He tells you that he himself is tired of all the people being killed in his name and wants you to put a stop to it. He sends his guard, Martha, to aid you.

Before you leave, Martha invites everyone to rest and stay at the cave. She also asks for a fight, as she rarely ever gets any visitors. She is the next boss you have to take on.

Martha has high health and is weak to Fire damage. She has a variety of attacks. You can find more info on Martha in our Martha Boss Fight Guide.

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