Bravely Default 2 Rare Monsters Locations Guide

Our Bravely Default 2 Rare Monster Locations Guide dives deep into everything you need to know about the rare monsters in Bravely Default 2.

Bravely Default 2 Rare Monsters Locations

Rare Monsters are generally not much of a hassle to fight with. However, some of them can require you to break a sweat to achieve victory.

In our guide below, we’ve outlined the locations of all 13 of the rare bosses that we know in the game so far and the tips that you should keep in mind to defeat them.

So, let’s get started!

Leannan Sith

You can find this monster North of Halyconia by the river.

Leannan Sith is the most straightforward rare monster in the game. As long as you use a few consumables to take care of the abundance of Charm, you’re good to go.

Coral Emperor

You’ll encounter this monster southeast of Halyconia on the beach.

Coral Emperor is the other rare monster found in the region of Halyconia. However, unlike Leannan Sith, it’s much powerful.

When going to fight with this monster, boost your magic and water defense as high as possible and avoid using elemental magic.


This monster can be fought with once you clear your way to the underground section of Savalon.

Once you’ve eliminated all the aquatic monsters that accompany it, this fight will be very easy.


You’ll encounter this monster in the southeast of Savalon.

To take down this monster, you’ll need to use your healers since it is susceptible to light, and healing magic can absolutely destroy it.


This monster is hidden under a tree east of Wiswald.

The key to overcoming this monster is to strike it with big blows rather than small ones.

This is because it can summon allies when attacked, and you would have a hard time defeating both him and his allies.


You’ll encounter this monster northeast of Wiswald on a small plateau.

Baal is one of the most powerful rare monsters around. With a high HP, an impressive AoE, and an ability to steal weapons when attacked by a melee weapon, Baal can really frustrate you.

To take it down, using Monk along with some heavy healing is your best bet since Baal doesn’t require weapons.

Orc King

This monster can be found west of Wiswald.

Orc King won’t present much of a difficulty for you. Once you take him down, make sure to collect all the loot around him.


You’ll come face to face with this monster east of Rimedahl on floating ice.

Astaroth can dish out some serious damage. So, what you need to do is level up your defensive stats, roll with the punches, and focus on your strategy in the open.

Baba Yaga

You’ll encounter this boss north of Rimedahl along the shore.

The first and foremost tip to battle with this monster is to eliminate all its minions.

Once you’ve done that, keep defending against Charm and its lightning attacks to whittle it down.


This boss can be found in the Rimedahl cemetery. You can access it via the top-right corner of town.

Attack the sandpit by the bushes on the left to initiate the fight. This boss, again, isn’t that strong, so you can easily overcome him by going with whichever fighting style you prefer.


You’ll come across this boss south of Holograd around a looping path.

This boss presents a tough fight, so be sure to buckle up when you’re about to go and fight with him.


Susanoo can be found west of Holograd.

As long as you take care of boosting your fire defense, you won’t have much of a problem in defeating this boss.


You’ll encounter Zeus north of Holograd.

This is the final boss in the region of Holograd. Don’t forget to boost your lightning defense when you’re about to go up against him.