Bravely Default 2 Institute of Magical Inquiry Walkthrough

In this Bravely Default 2 Institute of Magical Inquiry walkthrough, we will help players get through the first dungeon of Chapter 2 in Bravely Default 2, which is the Institute of Magical Inquiry and the sewers you use to get to it.

Bravely Default 2 Institute of Magical Inquiry

To enter the Institute of Magical Inquiry in Bravely Default II, you need to go through the sewers. To unlock the path to the sewers, go to Elvis to talk to him as he reveals a plan for you to get into the Institute.

The sewers are easy to navigate; however, the enemies here are not easy, and you need to be at least level 21 to go toe to toe with the enemies here.

Fire and water are the best elements to use in sewers as most enemies are weak to these. Along with this, the white mage can Cura the skeletons down with ease.

Progress through the sewer dungeon, and just a bit further to the right is a teleporter next to a staircase that leads up into the Institute of Magical Inquiry.

As you enter the Institute, before you go ahead, go down the stairs to find a chest. Loot the chest, then head on to the right to enter the West Wing of the Institute of Magical Inquiry.

As soon as you enter, head up and grab the chest in the left corridor. Then go down to get some money. Go to the right side of the area, and circle to the staircase to get to the next floor.

On this floor, use water attacks to get rid of all the Golems you will face. The staircase is behind you from where you came, and you need to go around the floor.

Just go ahead, turn down, then follow the path. Before you use the stairs to climb up, turn up, and in the corner is another chest that you can open.

As you get to the third floor, again, you need to go across the floor. Head up and then turn left. At the end of the path, first, turn right to get a chest, then go left. Now follow the path till you get to the rooms of the dungeon. In the last room, two more chests could be found.

Turn back and head up and follow the path to the right to find the final chest. Circle back and take the opposite path to reach a teleporter and save point. Do your business and head into the next room.

Here, on the middle floor of the Institute, grab the chest ahead. Head across the hall and into the next room. Down the spiral staircase, you’ll find Roddy.

Roddy is a magic user but an easy boss. For more information on Roddy, check out our Roddy Boss Battle guide.

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