Bravely Default 2 Hydrangea Hills Walkthrough

The Hydrangea Hills area in Bravely Default 2 can be found by moving towards the North of Halcyonia. You will find some exciting surprises, challenges, and chests while exploring this area. This walkthrough of the Hydrangea Hills in Bravely Default 2 will cover all the aspects of this region.

Bravely Default 2 Hydrangea Hills

Hydrangea Hills are filled with beautiful fields where you will discover various chests and face many enemies. The major boss that you encounter in this region is Enormocrag, but more on that later. Let’s start with the walkthrough of this region.

Heading towards the north of the previous town, Halcyonia, follow the path in the upward direction. You will come across a stone walkway, pass this pathway, and you will discover three Motley Trefoil lots in the grass.

Follow these pathways; as you move towards the wooden tracks conjoining the cliffs, you shall find a chest that contains various goods.

Beyond these paths, you will discover a save point. You will also discover a Magnifying Glass in one of the chests that will signal you about an upcoming fight.

Enormocrag Boss

Before we begin with the boss fight, let’s discuss the boss itself. Despite an HP of 6,864, the Enormocrag has some weaknesses. These weaknesses include Thunder and Dagger, whereas the strength consists of Earth.

The counters for this specific boss are Ailments and Heal. Enormocrag doesn’t have any immunity, and it absorbs no damage. Let’s go in-depth to discuss these properties.

Defense Mechanism
This monster can easily tackle ailments and healing properties, and this makes the fight quite challenging. Daggers are not that destructive when it comes to the massive strength of Enormocrag.

It would be best if you use Thunder magic and knives from your inventory to attack him. In case it counters the healing mechanism, the best option would be to defend you from attacks like Cura.

The best method is to prevent you from massive attacks from this boss. You can make one of the Vanguards taunt the boss with Aggravation. You can also utilize Default to defend yourself from destructive attacks.

Recommended Jobs, Abilities, and Equipment
The best-suited jobs and sub-jobs for Enormocrag include Freelancer, Black Mage, and the Vanguard. The best-suited abilities to tackle this boss are Poison, Cross Cut, Treat, and Thunder.

Lastly, this boss fight’s best equipment is Kukuri and any highest defense gear that you have in your inventory.

Movesets of Enormocrag

There are certain move sets that you would want to be aware of while you deal with Enormocrag. These moves include the following.

This move targets and restores the HP and makes it equal to the damage you have received.

The Ramphibian is used to defend and counter the attacks that are made against the status ailment moves.

This move destroys a specific target.

This move causes a great deal of AOE damage.

This move will inflict earth damage to its targets.

Strategy to Fight Enormocrag
There are some important strategies to keep in mind as you deal with this boss in Bravely Default 2.

Avoid using White Magic
The first strategy is to avoid the usage of White Magic. The reason being that Enormocrag can make a Jamphibian attack which allows it to heal as much as the damage it deals.

With the usage of White Magic, Enormocrag will tackle you with Jamphibian, which will make the battle never-ending for you.

Enormocrag will counter the ailment moves with its Ramphibian attack. This attack allows Enormocrag to deal with 300 damage. Your strategy here should be to assign one of the characters to poison the boss while the rest heal from the counterattacks.

Claiming Rewards
After you’ve managed to finish Enormocrag, you will now have everything you need to complete your quests. To claim your rewards, head on to the direction of Halcyonia.

Side Quests

After claiming your rewards, you will find the woman who will request you to deliver some goods to the tailor in Savalon. You will have to take the wagon to Savalon and head to the north.

Now you may grab the first Sidequest 017 from the tiny house in the north Savalon that you will find near the dressmaker. Now reach the palace and see Prince Castor at the throne.

You will find out that the king and Prince Pollux are missing; now head to the Gaming Hall. You will find the Gaming Hall with Prince Castor, where you will find out what’s causing the disturbance with the Water Crystal.

Before you proceed, acquire the Sidequest 018 from the throne room.

Now you shall head up the stairs to acquire the 3x Antidote. Make your way back to the town entrance, and here you will find the Side quests 016 and 019. You will also find a Spear in the house above in this area.

Sidequest 016
The objective of this Sidequest is to defeat the One-Eyed creature for a reward of 680 pg.

Sidequest 017
The objective of this quest is to collect some beautiful seashells, and the award is 530 pg.

Sidequest 018
The objective of this quest is to defeat various Goblin Archers, and the reward is an Iron Bow.

Sidequest 019
The main objective of this quest is to borrow a book from the book lover boy. The reward of this quest is two Silver Glasses.

Sidequest 020
After accomplishing these side quests, you may now head to the stairs located near the balcony and find some cash. Now head back to the cliff going to the throne room to acquire the 20th Sidequest.

The objective of this quest is to deliver the lunch to the ruins for a reward of a Large JP Orb.

Now make your way back to the town entrance where you came from. You will sprint back to the Orpheus, the Bard and Anahil. He will take you to the Sandswept Ruins to the South.

You will encounter some Goblin Archers, which you can easily target. Gather some beautiful shells from the beach and then go to the ruins. This is where you will find the one-eyed monster harassing a little child.

Now you have to take the Wagon back to Halcyonia in order to return the dress and borrow the book from the boy. You can take all of these things back to Savalon, who will exchange them for quest rewards. Now you can head back to the ruins mentioned before.

How to get to the Last Chest
During your journey in the Hydrangea Hills, you will observe that there is a specific chest that is unattainable, although it is visible to you. Let’s discuss how you can acquire this treasure chest.

Start your journey to this last chest by going up this road and explore for some chests and enemies. Stick to the left area of the Hydrangea Hills; you will eventually come across a hill.

You need to climb this hill, and you will be able to spot the chest across the mountain and connected with a strong bridge.

Next, you’ll encounter a tall tree that will be acting as a hurdle between you and your path to the chest. You cannot bypass this path and reach the chest quickly as of now.

The game requires you to reach a specific level to be able to cut and skip trees. Before that level, patience is the only way.

If you do have the ability to cut the trees, go back to the Hydrangea Hills and cut the tree that was blocking your way using Y. Once you’ve cut the trees and cleared the path with your ability, you will now be able to acquire your final chest of Hydrangea Hills.

This chest includes an Oak staff which is an upgraded version of all the other staffs.

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