Bravely Default 2 Halcyonia Walkthrough

In this Bravely Default 2 Halcyonia Walkthrough, we will talk you through all of the Halcyonia region in Bravely Default 2. We will discuss the main walkthrough as well the side quests included in this mission. We will take a look at tips and tricks that will help you out in completing the mission more efficiently.

Bravely Default 2 Halcyonia

The party with us will disband when we get back in town, and some scenes will play. You will be able to take a look at multiple side quests at this time.

Some of these side quests are necessary to progress in the game. You can choose to ignore most of them if you want to.

We will only be discussing the mandatory ones in this guide. Look for detailed guides on other side quests on our site.

When you get the control back press the R button, and you will be able to get a view of the complete city.

You will notice the first quest message sign.

From there go north and up the stairs in the house and you will see the previously saved old lade. She will be the person to assign us our first side quest.

Borrowing the Boat
Send out the rewards that you grab from the ship while exploring it. Sending them out will enable you to reap them later, which can be very helpful.

After that, you will get to know Crystals and Gloria Sir Sloan a little better after some scenes with the gang.

This is when you will be able to learn about passive abilities. One of which is Diving Rod which lets you know how many chests you have.

You can choose the best passive ability that fits your character better.

After this, you can leave the Inn and head to the Throne Room and talk to the king. You can find a chest on the right of the king.

This chest has a Pilgrim’s Hat.

When you leave here you will see two more side quests. The first is in the bar on the right of the stairs in the building present there.

For the second go to the south and you will find a bridge near the entrance.

These side quests are:

  • A Knife to Remember
  • One Boy’s Quest

The same bridge will have another side quests from a lady that will appear after you have finished these quests.

The same one that gave you the quests before. This quest is called “Hear the Wind Blow”.

Leaving Town
After finishing this quest you will leave town. There will be a cutscene and Horten the Prime Minister will play a part in it.

You will come to know that Horten is the one that caused the attack on Sir Sloan and Gloria.

Head on the figure present on the world map to trigger the next scene and a new side quest will begin called “Human’s Best Friend: Part I”.

After that head east across the bridge and move towards Outlaw’s hideout in the north but when the road turns towards the west, you need to head south and meet with the two NPCs near the rocks.

You will get two side quests from there. They might be absent from there during night time so wait till its light if you cannot find them.

The side quests given by them are:

  • You-Know-What
  • A Grizzly Conundrum

Go back to Halcyonia after finishing these quests. There you will get four more side quests. Two of these four are only present during the night.

These are available from Adelle present in the Inn, a child outside the weapon shop a woman present near the staircase, and the old man in the throne room.

These side quests are called :

  • Business to Be Getting on With (night)
  • Dish of the Day
  • Presentation Is Everything
  • Double Dare (night)

Now head to the hideout of the Outlaws in the north and keep going past it. You will find a chest across the bridge in the north.

This chest will have 270 GP. There can be some exploration done in the east but there’s not much to see here except monsters.

Keep going on the dirt road, and you will get to a new place across from the old man. At this point, the area is finished.

This area is called Hydrangea Hills. This is also where you will get another side quest. This is optional, but you can complete it if you wish to.