Bravely Default 2 Golden Egg Location Guide

Bravely Default 2 has many accessories that players can use to increase in-game rewards. This Bravely Default 2 Golden Egg Location guide will help players find the Golden Egg accessory to equip their characters.

Bravely Default 2 Golden Egg Location

Golden Egg is an accessory that players can equip their party members to increase the amount of Gold they earn at the end of each fight. It can be found very early on in the game.

Even though money seems to be the least of your problems at the start of the game, many jobs and classes benefit a lot from it later down the line when money becomes essential for better gear and upgrades.

To find the Golden Egg, you need to get to the Frozen Forest. The egg can be found before Chapter 3 at the end of Chapter 2.

Just as you get to the snowy region of the game after the forest, go to the Frozen Forest. It’s not very visible, but from the entrance, cross the bridge and then head straight north, beyond the trees to find a hidden pathway that leads to the Frozen Forest.

As soon as you enter the Frozen Forest, take the first left and head straight. At the next intersection, take the straight path, and keep on it. At the end, you’ll enter a dead end with a chest here.

As soon as you open the chest, you engage in a mimic fight. The fight itself is very straightforward and not difficult. You get the Golden Egg as a reward for winning the fight against the mimic.

The egg can be equipped to 20 of your characters and is highly recommended if you prefer using the Gambler Job.

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