Bravely Default 2 Brave and Default Mechanics Guide

Brave and Default are the two main key battle mechanics of Bravely Default 2. In this Bravely Default 2 Brave and Default guide, we have explained both Brave and Default mechanics separately and in an elaborative way so that you have a firm grasp of them when playing through Bravely Default 2.

Bravely Default 2 Brave and Default Mechanics

These Brave and Default mechanics are basically similar to attack and block mechanics from any RPG that you have played.

Bravely Default II, as you know, is a turn-based battle RPG, so these key mechanics are essential fundamentals that you need to get better at and learn by heart.

Don’t get confused with the odd names of these mechanics if you are new to the Bravely Default series. If you practice them a little and experiment with them, you can easily master them and use them according to your will and desire with perfect timing.

Basically, Default lets you gather up or accumulate the power for a character in your party, and with brave, you can then use that accumulated power to unleash hell on your enemies.


As we have mentioned, Default is like the defense option, just like in any other JRPG game. Using Default in Bravely Default II will give you more battle points (BP) in each turn. So, using Default means that you will be building up BP throughout the turn.


This command is the attack command like in any other game, where you will use the built-up BP from the default mechanic. Using Brave will consume your BP to unleash some powerful actions and abilities on enemies.

You can use this BP to string many variations of attacks or recover your or your ally’s health as well.

Now that you know how both brave and Default work, it is all about knowing the right time to use both. While in most random mini-boss or enemy encounters in Bravely Default II, using Brave until your character is maxed out can be a good option and can win you these encounters.

But when you are against huge monsters or tough bosses, using all your BP on Brave can definitely be very risky as you will be defenseless against their powerful attacks.

When you are out of BP due to over usage of Brave, your enemy can defeat your whole party in just 4 turns, and you will just be waiting for your BP to recover.

Here, we recommend that you start defaulting your healer right from the start of any big boss fight, and your white mage will be able to use brave for many turns in a row to heal, cure and solve problems.

One of the best tricks here is getting all your characters to go in default mode when the boss is about to launch an attack, this way, you will defend against the damage and buildup more BP for your turn.

One more thing to keep in mind in Bravely Default is that even bosses and monsters in the game can also use brave and default, so make sure that you don’t attack a boss when he is defaulting as it will render your attack useless and you will only waste your BP.

This is all you need to know on Brave and Default in Bravely Default II; we recommend that you experiment with these Brave and Default mechanics as you use different characters and set up different scenarios to use combos.