Bravely Default 2 Boat Explorations Guide

In this Bravely Default 2 Boat Explorations guide, we will take a look at how to get more rewards by completing the Boat expeditions in Bravely Default 2. We will discuss the complete walkthrough of the possible boat explorations and tell you the most efficient way to earn rewards.

Bravely Default 2 Boat Explorations

This is the optional way in Bravely 2 for the players that want to earn some optional awards.  With this method, you can earn rewards even when you are not playing.

Now let’s discuss everything there is to know about how you can send your boat for voyages, and it will earn rewards because of this exploration.

How to Unlock Boat Explorations

There will be a side quest very early in the game that is called “Borrowing the Boat”. You will be made to accept and complete this quest by the game.

When you complete this quest it will unlock boat expeditions. The old woman giving you the quest is the one you saved before in the game.

This quest will let you experience what this function is capable of, sort of like a demo.

But take this demo with a grain of salt as it is a trailer that does not show what happens. It is a sped-up version of what happens in the Boat Expedition functionality.

However, it still depicts an image of how everything will be but a lot faster than it is.

How Expeditions Work

This functionality only comes to play when you are not playing. Not kidding; it will only start when you have put your switch on sleep mode and go on for 12 hours.

In this way, you can just send your boat for exploration whenever you are taking a break, and in this way, your earnings will increase a lot.

In the boat expedition menu, you can start a new expedition, check your encounters from the exploration log, or you can call your boat back from exploration and get rewards.

These rewards can be claimed by going to the old Boat-Lending Woman.

She is present in every town somehow, so there’s no need to worry about going back to Halcyonia every time you need to withdraw your rewards.

The Boat Exploration log

You can use this feature with online functionality as well. This will get you more rewards, so it is our advice to enable this option if you can.

There will be an exploration log available when you end the exploration. There will be reward revelation whenever you locate a treasure.

These rewards can be JP-boosting orbs, experience-boosting orbs, or HP-boosting buns, along with other items as well.

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