Bravely Default 2 Bernard’s Mansion Walkthrough

After braving the Underground Reservoir, the third dungeon of Bravely Default 2’s Chapter 1, Bernard’s Mansion, awaits! In this Bravely Default 2 Bernard’s Mansion walkthrough, we’ll help you navigate through the area.

Bravely Default 2 Bernard’s Mansion

When you beat Anihal in Bravely Default II, she gives you a key to Bernard’s house, where you need to go and find the crystal in a hidden room. To distract Bernard as you go into his house to get the crystal, Prince Castor will leave your party and summon Bernard to his palace.

Bernard’s Mansion is not actually in the town of Savalon in Bravely Default II, so you’ll need to venture outside into the World Map to reach it.

After leaving Savalon you’ll need to head due east to reach Bernard’s Mansion. It’s along the coast, so use the larger minimap (by clicking R3) to orient yourself.

As you step towards Bernard’s House, a small cutscene shows him leaving his house for the palace and leaves a few guards to keep it safe. As soon as the cutscene ends, enter the house through the giant red door.

As you enter, go through the dialogue between the party, then turn right into the hallway.

Enter the first room on top and here you will encounter a few guards. Defeat them, then leave the room. As soon as you leave, you are again ambushed. Defeat these guards as well.

Now, go left to the other hallway, enter the room on the top and use the stairs to get to the basement of the mansion. As you get down, turn right and on the other side, interact with the level to unlock the main door at the entrance of the mansion.

As you turn around to go out of the basement of Bernard’s Mansion, you are attacked by three enemies.

Defeat them and go up, out of the room, and turn right to get to the center door of the mansion. An archer will wait here to stop you as you enter. Go straight from this fight to open a chest.

To progress further in the mansion, turn right from the chest and enter the last room to the right. Here, go down into the basement again and interact with the lever to open the next door.

The door you unlock is at the very beginning of the mansion. It’s in the room, right next to the one where you had your first fight in the mansion. Again, head back and into this room. Here, you will find yet another lever to use.

Now, head back to the chest hall, turn right and head upstairs. From here, turn into the hallway towards the top and into the bedroom at the end. Inside the room, turn left and go inside the store to get two more chests.

Now leave the room and get to the objective pointer, which leads to an office in Bernard’s Mansion. A small cutscene will trigger and you will unlock the secret area in the office. From here, head downstairs and into the basement once again.

The basement is filled with enemies, so you need to make your way through it very carefully. Follow the objective marker and keep on heading right t get to the final room. Here, the crystal will be on a podium.

As you approach the crystal, Bernard will arrive, and you progress to the boss fight. To get to know more about the fight, visit our guide to the Bernard Boss Fight.

When done with Bernard, head back to the palace to get to the first twist of Bravely Default 2, where Prince Castor turns out to be the holder of Berserker Asterisk and betrays you. Turns out, Prince Castor will be the final boss of Chapter 1.

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