Bravely Default 2 Bernard Boss Guide

Bernard is the Second last boss fight of Chapter 1 in Bravely Default 2. You fight him as you are trying to reclaim the Water Crystal from his Mansion. This guide will help you get through Bernard Boss fight in Bravely Default 2 by providing strategies you can utilize to take him down.

Bravely Default 2 Bernard Boss

Bernard is a difficult boss in Bravely Default II, especially on account of how early you encounter him in the game. Not only is Bernard fast and can seriously damage your party members, but he also can steal items from your characters, making the fight chaotic if not handled properly.

Bernard’s stats and abilities

Bernard has a high HP of 17756. Bernard’s weaknesses are Earth, Light, Axes and Bows, making these the most valuable types of attacks against him. As the fight starts, Bernard has two bodyguards with him.

Bernard’s most dangerous move is God Speed Strike. He attacks a party member and also leaves a debuff. This will again deal damage after a few turns and can also one-shot a party member.

Bernard can also attack in between your attacks. Bernard’s Steal Breath has him attacks a single target and drains HP equal to the damage dealt.


The best strategy to defeat Bernard in Bravely Default II is to plan ahead and use your beastmaster to capture Minotaurs in the area. Use them against Bernard to make the fight much easier.

Also, your Vanguard and White Mage are of high importance. Use the Vanguard’s Enrage to keep Bernard focused on them and have the White Mage support them with Cures and Protect.

Make sure your healer keeps the HP of your party member high at all times. Use your strongest attacks early and do not waste time on normal attacks. This is because as the fight progresses, Bernard gets stronger by using his Steal Breath.

The easiest way of beating Bernard is by abusing the Beastmaster’s Taming command and capture abilities. Using Minotaurs as well as using Curse on Bernard keeps him in check and deals massive damage to making the fight as easy as it can be.

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