Bravely Default 2 B n D Card Game Guide

In this Bravely Default 2 B n D Card Game Guide, we will include how to unlock this card game, and give you tips and tricks on how to play the mini game, and what rewards you get from winning the game.

Bravely Default 2 B n D Card Game

Bind and Divide is a mini-game in Bravely Default 2, which is unlocked after defeating Anihal in Chapter 1 of the main story.

It is optional to play the game, but some quests will require you to play it.

You are given six cards to control and occupy the available territories on the board.

The one with the most territories wins the game by default. There is an option to set the rules on your own.

There are four rules in this game where you can choose from.

  • Loop: Win an opponent’s territory on the fifth turn when they have 0 squares.
  • Kill n Death: Win an opponent’s territory on the fifth turn when they have 0 squares.
  • Goal Line: The first one to claim fifteen territories wins the match.
  • No Keepsies: You will not lose one of your cards if you get defeated.

You can also choose from three different decks of cards before the match starts.

You can change the cards based on the rules you have selected. Every card has different effects.

These effects are:

  • Territory Poisoning: You can poison a square to block the opponent from occupying that square.
  • Territory Strengthening: Forms a shield on a square that cannot get flanked poisoned by the opponent.
  • Before the match starts, a coin will be flipped, which will decide who plays the first card.
  • The B n D card game terminology can be found below:
  • Character Card: A character card that has a permanent effect on the board.
  • Medal: When the character card is active, the medal indicates the effect that can be imposed on the board.
  • Monster Card: The card used for flanking or occupying a square.
  • Occupied Square: The dark green square on a Monster Card is called the Occupied Square.
  • Strengthened Square: The purple square on the Monster Card is the Strengthened Square. It can only be seen when a Character or Job Card is active
  • Base Square: The bright green square on the Monster Card is called Base Square.
  • Job Card: A card with a one-time or extended effect is the Job Card.
  • Family: The Monster Card classifications such as Beast, Demon, Aquatic, Insect, Plant, Spirit, Humanoid, and Undead are called Family.
  • Neutralize: To remove the control of a territory and to make it unoccupied.
  • Flank: Sandwiching an opponent’s territory and making them yours is called Flanking.
  • Unoccupied Territory: A square that has no control over it.

Tips and Tricks on How to Win B n D

Choose the Right Cards
Pick the cards that suit best with the rules applied to the game and what type of cards opponents have.

This is crucial in any game of B n D to select the right deck.

There are Characters cards that have permanent effects, indicated by a gold medal on the top right corner of the card.

These cards cannot be seen by the opponent and have a permanent effect on the board.

It is recommended to keep the Character cards till the end of the match. You can only choose one Character card in a single match.

Save it for the end to remove the opponent’s Character card effect or change the odds in your favor.

Flank the Opponent’s Territory
Occupy the territories at the corner of the board. This way, you can easily flank the opponent’s territories.

If you sandwich the opponent’s territory in the middle, you can easily flank them by taking the squares around it.

Use Points to Claim Opponent’s Cards
When you win the game, you can use the points you got to claim the opponent’s cards.

This will allow you to rematch with the opponent, but this time you can change the rulesets.

You can get more points if you win the game again.

Once you have graduated from Rank C to B, the game will have pre-made rules that you cannot change.

View the rules before starting the match and choose the right deck for you.

There are a total of 10 opponents you can face in B n D. Each opponent has its own difficulty.

Below are the locations and the numbers of opponents you will find at that location:

  • Savalon (6)
  • Halcyonia (3)
  • Wiswald (1)

This is all we have for the B n D mini-game in Bravely Default 2.