Bravely Default 2 Abandoned Mansion Walkthrough

In this Bravely Default 2 Abandoned Mansion walkthrough, we’ll be walking you through the Abandoned Mansion dungeon in Bravely Default 2, step by step.

Bravely Default 2 Abandoned Mansion

Before we start with the Bravely Default II Abandoned Mansion walkthrough, let’s take a look at what kind of enemies you’ll be facing in this mission. These enemies have their own unique weaknesses, so knowing them before you start this mission will help you out a lot.

Abandoned Mansion Enemies

  • Cait Sith: This enemy is weak against Light and Wind attacks. The best weapon to use against the Cait Sith is a Bow.
  • Electrica Element: This enemy is weak against Geo attacks. The best weapon to use against the Eletrica Element is a Staff.
  • Lost Mageling: This enemy is weak against Light and Thunder attacks. The best weapon to use against the Lost Mageling is a Dagger.
  • Razor Vesp. This enemy is weak against Wind attacks. The best weapon to use against the Razor Vesp is a Bow.
  • Vishno: This enemy is weak against Geo attacks. The best weapon to use against the Vishno is a Sword or Spear.

When you enter the Abandoned Mansion at the start of this mission in Bravely Default II, a cutscene will trigger. Once the cutscene ends, head to the third floor of the mansion by going up the stairs ahead of you.

Once you’re up there, go through the door and get yourself a Star Corslet from the chest located on the top right side of this restricted area.

Afterward, go back to the entrance of the mansion. While you’re there, farm the Lost Mageling enemies for a while. These enemies will enable you to use the Aerora Spell, which will come in really handy when fighting the final boss of this mission.

In the entrance area, you’ll see a door to the left and right of the stairs. Go through the one to the right and run forward until you reach a 4-way fork in your path.

The path you’ll want to take to continue is the one to the right. But before you do so, let’s explore the area a bit.

Take the path to the left and then go into the room to the north. You’ll find a chest behind the pillar on the right in this room. This chest contains a Lu Bu’s Spear.

After getting the spear, go back towards the south and then start moving to the west again. From there, go through the room to your north. Once you come out, turn right to find another chest.

You’ll get ambushed when you unlock this chest and you’ll get 4x Remedy afterward.

That’s all there is to explore in this area, so go back towards the south and then run straight to the east until you reach the staircase.

Go up the staircase and then start moving towards the west. When you reach the wall, start moving to the north. Then, take a left turn and then go into the room to the south.

You’ll find a chest in there if you’re currently doing sidequest #27.

If you’re not doing that sidequest, exit this room through the doorway to the south and then head to the room to the north.

Grab the Staff of Life from the chest to your left and then continue moving north until you reach the stairs. These stairs will lead you to a portal. You can use this portal if you want to.

If you head towards the south and move around the debris near the portal, you’ll find a chest containing a Mythril Shield.

Now, head towards the south and make your way to the bottom-left corner of this floor to find a chest containing 950 pg.

You’ll encounter Vishno enemies on your way to this chest. It’s a really good idea to capture them as they deal 1200 damage per use. If you get a ton of them, you’ll be able to take down the boss very easily.

Once you’re done farming the Vishnos, head to the east, towards the bottom-right corner of the floor. Use the stairs there to go down to the second floor and then start moving to the west until you find an opened door.

Before you go through the door, go down the hallway to the south to find a chest containing 3x Hi-Potion.

Now, go through the door and then head down the stairs. Save your progress at this point and get ready for your most difficult boss fight yet.

Amphora Boss Fight

The most notable thing about Amphora is that almost all of his moves target one of your characters at a time. This means that if he isn’t targeting your healer, you’ll be able to keep healing your characters.

Amphora hits like a truck, dealing 400-500 damage per hit. One of Amphora’s most powerful attacks is called Earthpound. This attack deals 800 damage and has a really high chance to crit. If it crits, it’ll end up dealing up to 1000 damage to your character.

Another one of his most dangerous attacks is called the Big Blow, which is a Wind attack that deals 800-900 damage.

His most dangerous move however is his move called Hole Up. With this move, he’ll return back into his pot and remain stationary. He won’t be doing anything, so you might think that you’ll be able to get some free damage on him, not realizing that it’s a trap.

If you attack Amphora while he’s in the pot, you won’t deal any damage to him. In fact, you’ll just be giving him BP with your attacks. This will charge him up, increasing his damage when he comes to you.

If you remain patient and don’t attack him, he’ll come back out on his own.

Amphora’s also has some really strong Magic attacks. His Splash attack deals 400 damage but can deal up to 800 if the targets have low MDEF.

With his Thundara attack, he can either target a single character or the whole party. This attack does more than 600 damage if he targets a single character and about 300-400 to each member if he decides to target the whole party.

Now that you know what kind of damage he can deal, it’s safe to say that you’ll be needing a few damage reduction accessories for this fight.

During this fight, Amphora will perform a move called Supercharge. When he does this, his MATK will be doubled. He’ll chain this move with a Thundara or Splash attack, so he’ll be able to one-shot your characters if he connects.

While he’s Supercharged, his base will have a blue glow to it. If you see this blue glow, keep as much distance from him as possible to avoid getting obliterated from his Thundara or Splash attack.

The best way to go about this fight is to bring 2 Vanguards and use the most powerful axes you can obtain as your primary weapons since Amphora is weak against Axes.

Start off by lowering Amphora’s ATK and MATK using Defang and Skull Bash. Then, use a Bard to sustain those buffs.

Your Bard and Vanguards will work perfectly with each other to buff yourself while debuffing Amphora.

If you farmed the Vishnos, you could use Beastmasters to use them on Amphora. If 4 of your characters use 4 Vishno each at the start of the fight, you can deal 19200 damage to Amphora.

Amphora only has 19450 health, so this is a really good way to defeat him. However, this will require a lot of planning to execute perfectly, so don’t expect this strategy to work easily.

When Amphora is Supercharged, debuff him again and again using your Vanguard’s Skull Bash. Make sure that your Vanguards and Bards are fully healed throughout the fight so you can keep these buffs and debuffs active.

In this way, you’ll be able to defeat Amphora in no time.


  • EXP: 2340
  • JP: 190
  • PG: 1580

Once Amphora is taken care of, go back outside by heading through the backdoor to complete this mission. This concludes our walkthrough of the Abandoned Mansion in Bravely Default II.