Bravely Default 2 A Fragrant Lie Walkthrough

In this Bravely Default 2 A Fragrant Lie Walkthrough, we will tell you how to complete the side quest A Fragrant Lie and we will try to make things easier for you. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Bravely Default 2 A Fragrant Lie

A Fragrant Lie is a side quest in which you have to find and recover a bottle of Expensive Perfume in the Underground Reservoir.

You can get this side quest from a man on the path leading to the right of Savalon, just before the entrance to the Underground Reservoir. Note that you need to have cleared the underground reservoir dungeon first before you can take on this quest.

Head inside the Underground Reservoir after talking to the man and then head left and up towards the top path after using the Dungeon Portal.

There will be a lot of enemies and of different kinds in the dungeon, including Dragon, Roxolotl, Gelaflan, Lop-Eared Ratbitt and Silkmoth.

Dragon, Roxolotl and Gelaflan are aquatic in nature, while Lop-Eared Ratbitt is a beast and Silkmoth is an insect.

Keep moving on the path with the lanterns and wooden support beams. There will be an exit after a split. Take that exit to enter the World Map.

You will find a monster there that you can either fight or ignore and go on the cliff overlooking the water. There will be plants on your left.

Interact with the glowing spot near the plants and that will complete your objective.

Now to claim your reward, go back to the man in the Savalon. Take the same route you took to come here.

Speak with the man and hand him over the Perfume and that will complete the A Fragrant Lie side quest.

The reward for completing A Fragrant Lie side quest is Booster Bun (Magical Attack) x2

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