Brandon Sanderson Wishes From Had Picked Him For Elden Ring

Acclaimed fantasy author Brandon Sanderson jokingly expressed disappointment that he hadn't been chosen to work on Elden Ring's world.

From Software picked George R. R. Martin to help them create the world of Elden Ring, but despite the excitement that’s generated, there’s at least one fantasy author who wishes that they had picked him instead to help, rather than Martin. Brandon Sanderson, at least jokingly, expressed his disappointment in the choice.

Sanderson is responsible for two epic fantasy series, known as The Stormlight Archive and Mistborn. He was also tapped to finish the Wheel of Time series when its original author, Robert Jordan, died in 2007. Sanderson helped Jordan to co-write the last three books.

Alongside being an accomplished fantasy writer, Sanderson, unlike Martin, has been a fan of From Software’s work since their King’s Field games, at the start of their existence. Martin has previously said that he’s rarely played video games either, but can at least appreciate the aesthetic and work behind From Software’s fantasy games.

Of course, again, Brandon Sanderson and his criticisms of the choice are entirely joking; Martin himself is a very prolific writer, as even before the A Song of Ice and Fire novels came out he had been writing for decades in a large number of different series.

Considering the world of Elden Ring that we’ve seen so far, it at least seems like Martin has done his work well. The various snippets of information we’ve heard not just through the flavor text of the game’s demo but also its story trailer. With Elden Ring coming out in roughly a month, we’ll be able to experience the rest of it as well.

When that comes, it’s likely that even Brandon Sanderson will be eager to see what sort of stuff Martin and From Software have concocted. Elden Ring will be releasing on February 25 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5.

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