Bowser’s Fury Wasteland Area Cat Shine Shard Locations Guide

‘Super Mario 3D World’s exclusive Bowser’s Fury mode has you collecting Cat Shines in order to defeat the Fury Bowser. In this Bowser’s Fury Wasteland Area Cat Shine Shard Locations guide, we’ll be showing you where you can find each of the Cat Shines in the Wasteland area.

Bowser’s Fury Wasteland Area Cat Shine Shard Locations

You will gain access to the entirety of the Wasteland area after defeating Bowser for the third time.  Here, you’ll be able to discover a total of 20 Cat Shines divided between 4 islands in total.

Risky Whisker Island

Fury Shadow Hops to It
Get a ride on Plessie to the next area, Risky Whisker Island. Follow Fury Shadow Luigi to the metal platform by the spiked goop ball. As you reach the platform, Luigi will be vulnerable to attacks. Once you’ve caught him three times, you will be able to find the first Cat Shine on the Risky Whisker Island.

Feasting on Fuzzies
After you’ve defeated Luigi, get the Potted Cat Piranha Plant and eat all of the cat fuzzies found in the area. Be careful as you won’t be able to stand on a donut block for too long.

Hurry! Hop behind the Wall!
Interacting with the purple switch will bring in new platforms along with a Cat Shine at the very end. Simply follow the path and use the rolling bombs to send it into the brick wall or Magikoopa. Breaking the final wall will bring you to the third Cat Shine.

Five Cat Shine Shards
You can find a total of five Cat Shine Shards:

  • To the left side above the Donut Blocks.
  • Above the two invisible clouds.
  • On the back side as you follow the donut block upwards.
  • To the right after you jump the gap between the two donut blocks.
  • Go to the donut blocks in the distance to the right to find the final Cat Shine shards.

Blast the Fury Blocks
The Fury Blocks can be found in the dirt area under the Donut Blocks. Simply stand in front of the blocks while Bowser is awake.

When he uses his fire breath, the blocks in front of him will be destroyed essentially revealing the Cat Shine. Try not to get damaged while Bowser is breathing fire.

Pipe Path Tower

Make the Lighthouse Shine
Go to the clear pipes zone and use the pipe to the right to get to the platform. Here, you’ll find the Cat Fire Bros. Go to the next pipe zone and follow the pipe to get to the second height. Hit the POW block in the next zone to knock out the spiked balls.

Proceed to the second height and go through the farthest exit to once again hit the POW block and create a chain reaction. Continue through the clear pipe cannon to get to the Cat Shine.

Blue Coin Bustle
Use the blue switch and go through the clear pipe zone. Pressing the switch enables a blue coin chase. You have to collect all of the coins before they disappear in order to get the Shine. Avoid going down the wrong path as it can take a little too long and cost you the entire challenge. However, if you fail, you can always start again by pressing the blue switch.

Key to the Cat Shine
Come back to the Pipe Path Tower one more time only to find a locked cage with a Shine inside of it. To get to the Cat Shine, you will need to find a key found on top of the third pipe network on the side of the tower.

After getting the key, avoid touching any water as it will reset the location of the key.

Five Cat Shine Shards
You can find five shards in Pipe Path Tower to combine and create another Cat Shine.

  • Follow the pipe in the clear pipe zone heading down to the black goop. Grab the Cat Shard to your left as you come out of the pipe.
  • In the second clear pipe zone, go all the way to the second height and exit out of one of the four pipes and go to the top of the pipes to find the second shard.
  • Go to the Cat Shard by simply using the exit of the clear pipe.
  • You can find another Cat Shard in the area with all the POW blocks.
  • The final shard can be found at the base of the lighthouse.

Blast the Fury Blocks
Go to the left side from the starting area and you can find Fury Blocks above the water. Stand in front of the blocks and let Bowser’s breath destroy all of the blocks, ultimately revealing the Cat Shine.

Roiling Roller Isle

Make the Lighthouse Shine
Take the green platform to the top and use the bomb to tear down the brick wall. Go along the blue rotating section and stick to the right. Jump over the gap to the other side once you’re in position.

Now use the bombs on the next set of bricks. Once you get to the final green rotating section, simply go to the top of the area to find the Cat Shine.

Hurry! Hot Cross Run!
Use the purple switch and go through the new paths to get to the Cat Shine at the end. Avoid any of the rotating blocks and get to the ending of the course as fast as possible without being knocked off-course!

Key to the Cat Shine
A locked Cat Shine requires a key to unlock the cage. Get the Propeller Block from the entrance and go up to the rotating platforms. You can find the key right in front of the lighthouse. Use a Super Leaf to glide your way back to the entrance.

Five Cat Shine Shards
You can find five Cat Shine shards scattered through Roiling Roller Isle.

  • Go to the two blue rotating platforms to find the Cat Shard.
  • Go to the second rotating blue platform. At the end, simply wait for the Cat Shard to appear on either of the four sides and collect it.
  • The second area has Bob-ombs. You need only to take out the Cat Goomba Tower to get the Cat Shard.
  • Get a bomb from the third Bob-omb box and throw it at the bricks on the end of the rotating blue platform.
  • At the final green rotating platform, you can find the Cat Shard above the longer sections.

Blast the Fury Blocks
Go to the ground level and behind the tower holding the lighthouse in place. Simply lure Bowser to breathe flame into the blocks to destroy them, thus revealing the Cat Shine.

Mount Magmeow

Back Off, Cat Prince Bully
Go up the steps, past the Fire Bars and Cat Fire Bros. Get to the green switchboard and stand on the side to activate the switchboard. Jump over the Fire Bar and continue along the linear path. Simply ignore the green pipe and jump on the next green switchboard.

Keep hopping to the next switchboard until you finally drop into the arena to fight Cat Prince Bully.

Use a Fire Flower to send him through the clear pipes. He will then come out from the other side, at this point kick it. Do this thrice and you will get a Cat Shine as a reward.

Atop Mount Magmeow
Blue and Red Blocks will now control the path of the switchboards. Hit the first block to start off and go to the second block. This will lead you to the Cat Piranha Creeper. Go to the next switch board area and make your way to the end.

Get to the very edge and jump to hit the block so that the path changes and you don’t fall down. On the third switchboard, ride it to the next block, hit it and take the clear pipe cannon. Simply get to the top of the mountain to find your Cat Shine now.

Hurry! Steer the Switchboards
Activate the purple switch to find new switchboards. Switch the switchboards ASAP and avoid staying on the circular one for too long.

Five Cat Shine Shards
The five shards can be found across Mount Magmeow.

  • Walk past the steps and look for the switchboard hidden behind a wall. Using this board, you can get to the first shard.
  • Jump off from the green weighted switchboard to get to the Cat Shard on the floating island.
  • Avoid any of the Fire Bars, and drop down the hole where you can find a Cat Shard. Simply wall jump to get out of this hole. It’s recommended to do this with Cat Mario.
  • Activating the third green switchboard, simply jump off and hit the POW Blocks and grab the cat shard.

Blast the Fury Blocks
The Fury Blocks are fixed in the wall on the right at the beginning. Stand in front of the blocks and bait Bowser to use his fire breath. This will destroy the blocks, revealing the Cat Shine.

That should cover all the Cat shine shard locations in the Wasteland area of Bowser’s Fury in Super Mario 3D World.

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