Bound by Flame Romance Guide

When we talk about role-playing games of this era, romance has emerged out as a vital addition in most of these games.

Games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and The Witcher have a number of romance options which adds to the realism and overall feel of the game.

Bound by Flame Romance

Bound by Flame makes no compromises in this department and has its fair-share of romance options with multiple partners. However, in order to reach the climax of intimacy, you must undertake certain activities and side-quests which will get you to nirvana.

And on a side note, there are no same sex options available! Kind of a bummer, but this is how things are.

Romancing Rhelmar

There are a series of side-quests which you need to complete in order to prompt ‘Romance Option’ to appear. The romance option is triggered during A Soul of a Prince side-quest.

The side-quests that you need to complete are:

Act #1
A Cure for the Prince
Now, I don’t know whether this qualifies as a must-do side-quest or not, but you should do it anyway to remain on the safe side.

Act #2
The Souls of the Elves
This side-quest requires you to acquire a total of 20 Elves’ Soul Stones for Rhelmar.

Camp Security
This side-quest requires you to craft 10 Exploding Traps for Rhelmar so as to increase the defenses of the camp.

Act #3
The Soul of a Prince
You need to take sides with Rhelmar at the end of Act #2 and take out the ‘Creator’. This is must-do side-quest which is Unmissable if you don’t choose the correct option.

Romancing Randval

The romance option is triggered during your encounter with 4 concubines during Act #3. Following are the list of side-quests which must be completed if you wish you romance Randval:

Act #1
The Dual
This side-quest is just a one-on-one challenge against Randval in the Village Hall. You must defeat him to complete this.

The Recruitment of Randval
After you have completed The Dual side-quest, you need to speak with the Captain and recruit Randval to complete this small side-quest.

Act #2
Just as this act starts, allow him to go on a patrol. During this time, you need to find the King and speak with Elf Commander. Passing him by will make him speak with you and go on a walk with you. Accept the invitation and complete this sequence.

During this act, Randval will also ask you to make certain potions and hand them over. You need to find all required ingredients followed by brewing the potion.

Act #3

A Knight in Distress
In this side-quest, both Sybil and Randval will go missing and you will be tasked to retrieve both of them. Simply fight off the enemies and rescue them to complete the side-quest.


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