Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Moonstone Farming and Easy Money Guide

Aside from XP, Money and Moonstones are hard to come by in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. First off, let’s talk about Moonstones! There is a Grinder in the Junk Emporium where one can throw in multiple weapons to get a better weapon.

In addition to these weapons, you can throw in Moonstones to get additional bonuses. There are a total of eight Moonstones in the game which can be found throughout the world:

  • Fast Learner – Bonus to XP from kills
  • Harden Up – Improves maximum shields
  • Boominator – Increases grenade damage
  • Safeguard – Restores some of your shields on each kill
  • Oxygenator – Damaging enemies restores Oxygen
  • Piercing Rounds – Grants a chance to ignore enemy shields
  • Punisher – Raises critical hit damage
  • Serenity – Reduces rate of O2 consumption

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Moonstone Farming and Easy Money

In this guide, I’m going to talk about different methods to instantly farm Money and Moonstones. You can also add in your own methods in the comments below and I’ll add those in the guide.

Let’s Build a Robot Army Exploit
With this exploit, you cannot only get tons of Moonstone and Money, but also XP and gear. Things required to get started with this process are provided below:

  • Loads and loads of ammunition
  • Below-average skill at the game
  • Commonsense [This is the hardest one to get]

After gearing up, start Let’s Build a Robot Army mission and proceed to the point where you’re asked to let Turrets kill Scavs. The idea is to steal kills from Turrets and take out all Scavs.

A couple of notifications advising you to stop killing Scavs yourself will pop up, but you need to carry on. Turrets will occasionally get a kill or two, no matter how good you’re and this is where the commonsense part comes in.

Remember that Turrets only need to kill twelve Scavs to complete the mission. Once you see that around eight or nine Scavs are killed, hit the Pause Menu and select ‘Save & Quit’.

After doing that, continue the game and you’ll start at the most recent checkpoint with all of your ammo, XP, Moonstones, Money, and Gear. Keep on repeating the process to infinity!

Guardian Hunter Quest Exploit
This is a similar exploit which will net your additional XP, tons of Moonstones, Gear, and Money.

After beating the game once, go to Vorago Solitude and accept Guardian Hunter optional mission from a dude named Sterwin. This optional mission requires you to capture a Guardian Hunter with a Trap Grenade.

If you kill a Guardian Hunter accidentally, it’ll re-spawn immediately. This is exactly what you need to exploit, but keep one thing in mind: Guardian Hunters re-spawn at such a rapid pace that it can crash your game if you’re being relentless so keep this in mind!

Once again, commonsense plays an important role in this optional mission. Once you see your game has started to lag due to Guardian Hunters dead-bodies, hit the Pause Menu and select ‘Save & Quit’ followed by continuing. Happy Hunting!

Killing Iwajira Exploit
First off, note that you must be at least Level-29 to complete this exploit. To get started, Fast Travel to Serenity’s Wasteland and come out of Janey Spring’s building.

Jump onto the cliff on the right side and keep on following the cliffs on the left side of the building to come across a Lava River. Cross this area and head inside a cavern on your right.

Note: Do note that this similar exploit also works for Redbedlly Boss Battle. Go through the cavern and head inside the hole to fight the secret boss, Iwajira. A Level-29 character should easily take out this boss.

As soon as you kill this boss, hit the Pause Menu and select ‘Save & Quit’ followed by continuing. Keep on repeating the process until you get your desired Moonstone.

PC Version Loyalty Rewards
This is a pretty simple method with which one can get ten Moonstones and a weapon, but it only works on PC version of the game.

You must have Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2 save-files on your PC for this method to work. Once you’ve these save-files, simply start the game and select your character to acquire a unique weapon and ten Moonstones as a part of Loyalty Rewards.

Did you come across any other Moonstone/Money Farming Method? Share it away in the comments below!

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