Borderlands: Pre-Sequel Weapons, Manufacturers, Oz Kits, Class Mods, Shields and Attachments

It seems you want to kill stuff while in less gravity and with all kinds of crazy weapons the elite manufacturers could think of.

Well, you have come to the right place Vault Hunter, as we’re about to give you a briefing of what you’ll require to dispose of anyone and anything that dares stand in your way.

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Borderlands: Pre-Sequel Weapons, Manufacturers, Oz Kits, Class Mods

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel re-adapts its successful combat system and RNG based looting, and adds to it additional content and subtle tweaks to further refine the experience of killing and more killing.

Our guide will cover the basic aspects of combat, from ammunition to Class Mods to weapon manufacturers, and more.

The Basics

Ammo is something you’ll come across lots in Borderlands, and for the most part it won’t seem like a factor you should take into consider. That however will only last till you encounter enemies above your level.

When that happens, suddenly ammunition becomes your darling and precious, and you’re left wishing you had invested a bit more time and money in buying ammo and increasing the size of your pockets to accommodate more at a given time.

Keep yourself up to near full ammo capacity at all times. Loot chests, restock at Bullets Etc. vending machines, and make sure you upgrade your maximum supply of ammo for different weapons.

You should also seriously consider looking into Black Market ammo upgrades as often as possible alongside your backpack. Below is a list of the normal and maximum ammo capacity of each type of weapon.

You’ll notice the difference yourself when you really upgrade your ammunition capacity.

Assault Rifles

  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 280
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 980


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 500
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 1100


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 200
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 700

Rocket Launchers

  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 12
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 57


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 80
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 180


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 360
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 1260

Sniper Rifles

  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 48
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 108


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 3
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 8

Grenades need no introduction when it comes to first person shooters, but Borderlands paints the tactical fragmentation grenade in its whacky themes and gives them some extra juice.

The two important attributes associated with grenades in Borderlands are Grenade Delivery System and Grenade Abilities.

Grenade Delivery System

  • Lob
  • Rubberized
  • Longbow
  • Homing
  • Sticky

Grenade Abilities

  • Standard — Toss grenade and watch it explode.
  • MIRV — Splits into multiple, child grenades.
  • Springy Sheila — Hops around, firing projectiles all over the place.
  • Area of Effect — Damage enemies that stay near the grenade over time.
  • Singularity — Pulls targets into the epicenter of the explosion.
  • Transfusion — Spawns child grenades that seek enemies to deal damage and transfer health to your character.

Oz Kits
Oz Kits are oxygen kits that let you breathe on Elpis without losing health over time. These are essential items in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel while you’re venturing out in the open.

In addition to providing you with oxygen, Oz Kits also have additional bonuses that come with them. This makes Oz Kits another gear that you can search for to find one that would suit your playstyle and compliment your other equipment.

The Oz Kits also augment your slam damage with specific elements. These are:

  • Corrosive slam damage
  • Arctic
  • Cryo slam damage
  • Meteoric
  • Fire slam damage
  • Explosive slam damage
  • Voltaic
  • Shock slam damage

In addition to augmenting your slam damage, Oz Kits come with different properties.

There are many types of properties, ranging from buffs that increase your accuracy and critical damage while airborne, to ones that will allow you to acquire oxygen by killing enemies.

You don’t want to rely on the thickness of your skin to protect you, which is why shields are so important and main line of defense. There are three primary stats associated with shields:

  • Capacity: The amount of damage that the shield takes before it collapses and exposes you to attack.
  • Recharge Rate: The speed at which your capacity restores itself after avoiding damage.
  • Recharge Delay: The amount of time you need to avoid damage before your recharge rate activates.

The best shield is the one with the highest capacity, highest recharge rate, and lowest recharge delay. Generally, players who prefer long-ranged combat should prioritize higher capacity, while those who play a hit-and-run style would benefit with faster recharge rates.

The shields in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel are listed below:

Chance to absorb bullets and add them to your ammunition supply

Adapts to damage taken, increasing your elemental resistance to that element; also raises maximum health

When fully charged, causes the next shot to deal increased damage (at the expense of some shield capacity)

When damaged, may spawn packs of shield energy that are picked up to restore your capacity

Improves melee damage after shield capacity collapses

Explodes when your shield capacity runs out, dealing some type of elemental damage to nearby foes

Does damage to enemies that make melee attacks against you

No special behavior

Trades your health capacity for even higher shield capacity

Weapon Attachments
Attachments add certain bonuses to your weapons and come in different shapes and sizes.

Not all weapons can support attachments, but those that can should be utilized the most, and finding some awesome equipment to add to them can make killing even more fun than it already is.

Below is a list of all the attachments you can get in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Raises melee damage

Increases grenade damage

Fast Learner
Bonus to experience from kills

Increases stability

Harden Up
Improves maximum shields

Higher Bullet Speed
Faster bullets improve long-range performance

Higher Damage
Increases the base damage of your weapon

Improved Accuracy
Raises Accuracy of your weapon

Increased Magazine Size
More bullets, more fun

Damaging enemies restores O2

Piercing Rounds
Grants a chance to ignore enemy shields

Raises critical hit damage

Reload Speed
Lower the time it takes to reload your weapon

Restores some of your shields on each kill

Reduces rate of O2 consumption

Creates a wider spray of bullets

Class Mods

Class mods are complex item pieces that influence different classes differently. These are probably the rarest type of equipment you will find in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and likely won’t find any till you are at an advanced stage of the game.

At the start, you should be using any relevant class mod you can get your hand on. Later on, when you start to find more mods, you should prioritize ones that will add to your core abilities and also give you special bonuses that could compliment your playstyle.

Below is the list of possible class mods for all 4 different classes.


  • Blademaster – Melee damage and critical damage
  • Bloodthirster – Melee damage and health regen
  • Cannoness – Shotgun Fire Rate and Reload
  • Celestial Gladiator – Fire Rate, Max Health, and Skill Bonuses
  • Defender – Shield Capacity
  • Dominater – Fire Rate
  • Dragon – Burn Damage
  • Eridian Vanquisher – Elemental Effect Chance, Air Control, Max Health, and Skill Bonuses
  • Femme Fatale – SMG Magazine Size and Damage
  • Gladiatrix – Max Health and Reload Speed
  • Protector – Team Cooldown Rate
  • Storm – Electrocute Damage


  • Brotrap – Team Health Regen, Max Health
  • Celestial Fragtrap – Cooldown Rate, Critical Damage, and Skills
  • Eridian Vanquisher – Elemental Effect Chance, Air Control, Max Health, and Skill Bonuses
  • Factory Second – Reload Speed, Fire Rate
  • Loose Cannon – Pistol Fire Rate and Damage
  • Madtrap – Gun Damage and Penalty to Shield Capacity
  • Overclocker – Cooldown Rate
  • Piñata – team Ammo Regen, Max Health
  • Roboninja – Melee Damage and Melee Resistance
  • Short Circuit – Electrocute Chance and Electrocute Damage
  • Sapper – Explosive Damage and Explosive Resistance
  • Tanktrap – Max Health and Shield Recharge Delay


  • Bounty Hunter – Shield Recharge Delay
  • Celestial Lawbringer – Cooldown Rate and Skills
  • Cowgirl – Pistol Magazine Size and Pistol Max Ammo
  • Crapshooter – Critical Damage
  • Desperado – Cooldown Rate, Pistol Damage
  • Eridian Vanquisher – Elemental Effect Chance, Air Control, Max Health, and Skill Bonuses
  • Law Enforcer – Melee Damage
  • Rustler – Sniper Rifle Damage, Assault Rifle Accuracy
  • Sheriff – Max Health, Gun Damage
  • Six-Shooter – Jakobs Gun Damage
  • The Kid – Shotgun Damage, Fire Rate
  • The Lone Star – Melee Damage, Gun Damage


  • Blaster – Laser Fire Rate and Laser Accuracy
  • Celestial Enforcer – Shield Capacity, Gun Damage, and Skills
  • Equalizer – Fire Rate, Magazine Size
  • Eridian Vanquisher – Elemental Effect Chance, Air Control, Max Health, and Skill Bonuses
  • Fighter – Cooldown Rate
  • Golem – Max Health, Regeneration
  • Howitzer – Explosive Damage, Critical Damage
  • Mauler – Shotgun Damage, Shotgun Accuracy
  • Mech – Team Shield Recharge Rate, Team Shield Recharge Delay
  • Obliterator – Max Health, Melee Damage
  • Scorcher – Incendiary Damage
  • Terminater – Shield Capacity, Magazine Size

Weapon Manufacturers

Dahl weapons feature burst firing that gives them good precision in medium to long ranged combat. They make accurate weapons with decent pricing and average damage.

Assault Rifles – Dahl Assault Rifles have burst fire when zoomed.

Pistols – Dahl Pistols are semi-automatic and offer burst firing, though their hip accuracy can be a bit poor.

SMGs – The SMGs Dahl makes have a duel nature: highly inaccurate, spray n’ pray styled when firing form the hip, or precision burst firing when zoomed.

Sniper Rifles – The Sniper Rifles made by Dahl have burst fire, which may not make them suitable for everyone.

Lasers – Staying true to the Dahl way, the Lasers give bursts for long-ranged and high-energy spending constant damage when used via the hip.

Hyperion makes state of the art weaponry that speaks quality in every way. Their weapons are advanced, sophisticated, and well-purposed.

In addition to precise craftsmanship, Hyperion weapons have a special feature of improved accuracy during extended bursts, making them ideal for those who love to spray bullets.

SMGs – Hyperion SMGs benefit from the special feature by having larger magazines and better-than-average accuracy.

Shotguns – Hyperion shotguns don’t offer spread, but they have improved ranged, bigger magazines, and are generally faster than those of competitors.

Sniper Rifles – The single-shot, high precision Sniper Rifles made by Hyperion are excellent against big targets due to their heavy damage.

Lasers – Hyperion Lasers have great elementals that deal heavy damage with good precision, ideal for medium to long ranged combat.

If you’re looking for raw damage without the elemental shenanigans and icing on top, the classy vintage design of Jakobs’ weapons should make you feel right at home.

Jakobs make semi-automatic weapons the classical way, and sometimes that’s all that is needed when you’re going the wild-wild-west style.

Assault Rifles – Jakobs rifles are easy to control as they follow the traditional, classical methods of firearms. They have good accuracy and decent damage.

Pistols – The first thing that comes to mind when you look at a Jakobs pistol is: a cowboy. That should give you an idea of what they’re all about.

Shotguns – Tiny magazines, but insane firing speed and close-ranged damage is how Jakob makes their shotguns; fitting weapons as a backup.

Sniper Rifle – Jakob Sniper Rifles follow the trend of classic styled, slow but powerful long ranged weapons ideal for popping heads.

When you pick up a Maliwan weapon, you’ll be awed by its sophisticated, modern design. When you fire the Maliwan weapon, you’ll be amazed at the kind of elemental damage it’s doing to the poor victim.

That’s how good Maliwan weapons are, and they will fry, freeze, poison, shock, and kill anyone and anything that stands in your way.

Pistols – Maliwan Pistols don’t apply elemental as good as their SMGs, but they are handy weapons nevertheless.

SMGs – Maliwan SMGs are the manufacturer’s flagship weapons. These are rapid firing, accurate medium to short range guns that deal all kinds of nasty elemental damage.

Rocket Launcher – If you want a BOOM, you can get any rocket launcher. However, if you want a BOOM followed by a SPLASH, then maybe you were destined to handle a Maliwan’s Launcher.

Sniper Rifles – Highly accurate. Highly damaging. Highly elemental. Maliwan Sniper Rifles are shockingly good, sometimes literally.

Lasers – Laser weapons is something Maliwan was made to build. Their entire philosophy is centered around elements, and there is no weapon type that uses elements better than Lasers.

Scav believes that no one really has the time to aim and then shoot, which is why they like to build weapons that can house ridiculous amounts of ammo at once.

All you have to do is vaguely point that weapon towards the general direction of an enemy, and hold the trigger till its dead.

Assault Rifles – Following the Scav way, their assault rifles have mediocre stats but insane rate of fire and huge magazines.

Pistols – Aim at the thing you want to kill, close your eyes, pull the trigger, and let the pistol spray until you hear a cry of death. Reload and repeat if that thing is still alive.

SMGs – Same story as the Scav pistol, except you have even more ammunition and even faster firing rates.

Shotguns – You better not press that reload button while an enemy is close, or you’ll be stuck in a long and not-so-worthwhile reload animation that will make you exhale, “Oh God, why?”

Rocket Launchers – Scav Rocket Launchers are pretty expensive to use, but they often come with elemental damage and have a huge influence. Just make sure you aren’t firing near your feet.

If you want every bullet you shoot to do a boom – be it a small or big boom – then Torgue weapons are what you’re looking for. Their bullets travel slow, but the things they hit often get blown to bits – either at once or gradually, depending on what kind of weapon they got fired from.

Assault Rifles – Slow travelling bullets that are more like mini-rockets are fired from Torgue ARs, so make sure you have some other manufacturer’s sniper rifle to deal with longer ranges.

Pistols – We know that most of you will only use pistols as resorts, but Torgue pistols are surprisingly merciless because of how their bullets pop in a mini explosion every time they hit a target.

Shotguns – Forget the enemies that are far away when you pull out your Torgue shotgun. Instead, go to the nearest fellow’s face, pull the trigger, and enjoy the mess you made on the ground.

Rocket Launchers – Burst damage rocket launchers are the worst kind, for your enemies that is. That’s why Torgue Rocket Launchers stand a few inches taller than competitors.

The engineers at Tediore hate reloading, and they think most of the world does as well. It’s exactly the reason that led to them creating disposable weapons, that instead of reloading you simply throw away at the nearest person you want dead.

Result? It’ll explode in their face and you won’t have to use that grenade you were just about to take out.

Pistols – Tediore pistols are like a grenade that can shoot. Unleash a few bullets on the first batch of foes, and when you’re quickly bored with this toy gun, toss it at someone and enjoy the fireworks.

SMGs – The Tediore SMGs deal heavy damage when thrown at people, but they have some pretty good stopping power in their bullets, so make sure you utilize that part of the weapon as well.

Shotguns – The more shells your current magazine has, the more damage tossing the shotgun does. Just make sure you are nowhere near your weapon when it drops.

Rocket Launchers – Tediore rocket launchers are really cool, because the final rocket is accompanied by the empty dispenser acting as an additional free rocket flying towards that jerk you want dead.

Lasers – Great long ranged stuff from Tediore Lasers, but they suck quite badly when thrown because they lack reach.

Vladof weaponry is revolutionary stuff, with high firepower, high firing rates, and a no-bullshit attitude. These weapons mean business, and those wielding them mean no lesser business themselves. It’s the weapon of the true revolutionist.

Assault Rifles – Vladof ARs are accurate at just about any range and have a high enough firing rate to make them effective when things get close and personal.

Pistols – Who needs SMGs when you have Pistols that serve the same purpose? That’s why Vladof doesn’t make those silly submachine toys and instead recommends their pistols.

Rocket Launchers – Ever seen a rocket launcher with a magazine mounted on top? If you have, it was probably Vladof’s.

You can spray rockets in quick succession, and while the individual projectiles are less powerful than other manufacturer heavy weapons, their combined effect makes collateral damage a serious factor for enemies.

Sniper Rifles – Vladof sniper rifles are more like heavy machine guns, only more accurate and with better range. Learn how to use one and you’ll be unstoppable.

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