Borderlands 3 FL4K Trailer Shows Off Robotic Beastmaster Character

As Borderlands 3 gets closer to release, we’re getting character trailers that show off the abilities and personalities of the characters we’ll be playing in the game. Just today, a Borderlands 3 FL4K trailer has been released, showing off FL4K, the robot beastmaster who serves as the “alpha” of a pack of animals.

Pandora being the planet it is, it has a lot of odd and highly dangerous animals, and FL4K has done his best to make himself seem like the alpha of the entire pack. His three different skill trees, Hunter, Master, and Stalker, give him a variety of animals and abilities to use.

In the Borderlands 3 FL4K trailer, FL4K’s Hunter tree allows him the use of two different animals, the flying Rakk and a Spiderant, which has a drill on its arm. The Rakks can distract enemies while you sic the Spiderant on them, allowing you to regain health as long as the Spiderant is out.

The next tree, Master, lets you use your Gamma Burst skill to teleport your pet to another location, while also dealing radiation damage wherever they pop up, perfect for catching targets off guard. The Master tree also lets FL4K and their Pet heal each other as they each deal damage.

The final tree, Stalker, lets FL4K slip away from battle to get to a more advantageous position, and also helps you regain health in the process. Another skill you can get in the tree is allowing your Pet to revive you when you’re in Fight For Your Life mode, saving you from death if you died while killing the last enemy and there’s nowhere to get your Second Wind.

The abilities we’ve shown off here are only a few things you can do with FL4K, and you can see him do a lot more when Borderlands 3 comes out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on September 13.

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