Borderlands 3 Sanctuary Walkthrough – Check Up On The Crew, How To Get Entropy Accelerator

Borderlands 3 Sanctuary walkthrough guide will take you step-by-step through the mission and will help you acquire the Entropy Accelerator required to complete the mission.

Borderlands 3 Chapter 5

Sanctuary is the fifth chapter in Borderlands 3. This is the mission where you use the ship to fly to planet Promethea. However, the ship is damaged and you need to acquire the Entropy Accelerator to get it running.

Sanctuary Walkthrough

Talk to Ellie and make your way up to board the ship. A cutscene will play as you board and after that, Talk to Lilith. Install the Astronav chip in the central console.

The ship will be damaged after Claptrap tries to rush the process. Lilith will ask you to check up on the rest of the ship crew. Follow the objective markers to find them.

Tannis will be in the Infirmary and you need to melee hit the Thermal Control System to increase the temperature. Go to the Crew Quarters and you’ll find that some crew members are trapped. Pull the lever to release the crew members.

Go to the store to check on Marcus and he will need help with fire that has broken out. Shoot the 3 fire suppressors and the fire will be extinguished. Talk to Marcus and he will let you browse the SDU.


Go to Cargo bay and talk to Ellie and she will ask you to get rid of the destroyed cargo. Do this by opening the Garage by pulling the nearby lever. Now, follow Ellie to Supply Closet to locate the ship part. Bang on the Supply Closet Door to get Earl’s attention.

Now get to the Moxxi’s Nightclub and speak with Moxxi. Follow her and use the slot machine and you’ll earn some Eridium. Now go and buy something from Crazy Earl using the Eridium.

Once the purchase is done, he will give you the Entropy Accelerator. Install the Entropy Accelerator in the console near the Infirmary. Go to the bridge and a cutscene will play. Once the cutscene is over, set the course for Promethea. As you arrive at planet Promethea, talk to Lilith and the mission is done.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 Sanctuary walkthrough guide with tips on how to check up on your crew members and acquire the Entropy Accelerator.

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