Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Rose and The Ruiner Boss Guide

This guide will help you defeat the last two bosses, Rose and The Ruiner of Bounty of Blood DLC in Borderlands 3 and get some sweet rewards

The last two bosses of Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood DLC are Rose and The Ruiner. You have to fight Rose first, who’ll summon The Ruiner upon being defeated. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can find and defeat Rose and The Ruiner in Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood.

Borderlands 3 Rose and The Ruiner Boss

The Rose and Ruiner boss fight will take place on the last zone of planet Gehenna, called “Crater’s Edge”.

When you spawn in this zone, look at your map and head towards the large square at the end of it.

From your spawn point, move forward and jump onto the rocks to reach the air cannon type thing, which will shoot you to the jump pad on the other side.

Enter the jump pad and the air cannon in front of you will take you to another one.

After entering this jump pad, move forward, and go through the room to your right to reach another air cannon which will take you to the area where the boss fight against Rose will happen.

Rose and The Ruiner Boss Fight
When you reach the aforementioned area, the boss fight with Rose will start.

Rose has a lot of unique attacks up her sleeve. She’ll run around the area and barrage you with all sorts of attacks. The key to winning this fight is movement.

You have to keep moving around to keep away from Rose. All you need to do is constantly move away from her while you keep emptying your magazines on her. Make sure to use your grenades to take her down even quicker.

Once you take Rose down, she’ll summon the Ruiner and the second part of this boss fight will start.

The most important thing to know about this fight is that the Ruiner’s weak point are the spikes on its back. As soon as the fight starts, focus your fire on the spikes.

As with Rose, keep moving throughout this fight. The Ruiner will often spit some large boulders out at you, which are easy to dodge if you’re already moving around.

You have to keep your distance from the Ruiner at all times. The closer you are to it, the harder its attacks will be to evade.

One of its scariest attacks is when it charged forward at you. Even though its an absolute behemoth, the speed at which it comes at you is impressive.

If you’re too close to it and are not moving, you’ll surely be caught off-guard with this attack.

Some more note-worthy attacks from the Ruiner are when it shoots out a huge laser beam from its mouth, and when it stomps on the ground; sending you way up in the air.

Again, if you’re at a comfortable distance from him and aren’t playing like a statue, these shouldn’t be much of a problem.

When you finally take down the Ruiner, the main story of Borderlands 3 will be completed!

The two most valuable drops you’ll get from the Ruiner are the ‘Ordered Zippy Cold Warrior’ which is a Legendary Operative Class Mod’ and the Legendary pistol called ‘Bloom’.