Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Money Back Guarantee Walkthrough

One of the side quests added in the Bounty of Blood DLC for BL3 is the Money Back Guarantee. It’s a part of the chain of quests that you need to complete in order to unlock the “That’s Quite Challenging” and “How the West was done” achievements. This is a complete guide on how to complete the Borderlands 3 Money Back Guarantee mission.

Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Money Back Guarantee

Your mission is to buy a gun from Stickly, find a new gun, and to eliminate Stickly for being a fraud that he is! This quest takes place in The Blastplains and rewards you $30,000 in cash, 66,619XP, and new parts for the Jetbeast.

Visit Stickly

Start your mission by going to the location shown on the map. Talk to Stickly who can be found inside the building. Pay him $15,000 for the gun and head off to the next location to find your new favorite weapon.

Keep following the path while facing some enemies on your way. When you reach the top of the hill, you’ll find a chest inside a caravan. Open the chest and grab your weapon.

Face Stickly
Stickly scams you for a very crappy weapon and runs away. Go back to where Stickly was before and interact with the button to open the shutters.

Pick up the message that Stickly left on his counter. Now go inside his office and pick up the clue found on his desk.

The clue will give you the location for your next objective.

Find and Clear Fort

Make your way to the fort marked on your map. Get rid of all the Devil Riders on your way and look for the prisoner inside the fort.

Save General Marks
You’ll find General Marks inside a cage hanging from above. Either shoot the chains or use the lever to set General Marks free.

Go to General Marks and talk to him. He will give you the location of where Stickly might be.

Abandoned Mines

Hop on your Jetbeast and make your way towards the Abandoned Mines. Once there, deal with the Devil Riders or just keep following your path.

Eventually, you’ll find Stickly standing there waiting for you. Punch Stickly to take your money back from him.

Stickly will ask you to wait for him and go inside a hut. This is all just an ambush set up by him.

Devil Riders will appear from all around the area and attack you. Take them out and go near Stickly to talk to him.

Return to General Mark
Stickly will refuse to pay you back but General Mark will offer you double money for killing Stickly. Go back to the fort.

Pick up the artillery shells from near the cannons inside the fort. Use the elevator and go up to where General Mark is.

Place the artillery shell inside another cannon and use the computer to fire it towards Stickly.

Now pick up the reward that General Mark gives you and call it a day

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