Borderlands 3 Won’t Have Branches Of Dialogue Like Other Deep RPGs

Borderlands was the game that pretty much set the looter-shooter trend every video game seems to be hopping onto these days. With the development and upcoming release of Borderlands 3, it seems Gearbox Software is against introducing RPG elements such as branching dialogues to the game.

During an interview with GamesRadar, Sam Winkler, the co-writer of Borderlands 3 spoke extensively about how Gearbox Software is making Vault Hunters seem like actual characters in Borderlands 3.

According to Winkler, Gearbox Software is treading a thin line between wanting “the player characters to be participants”, and wanting Vault Hunters “to feel like actual characters that are reacting” to every other NPC in Borderlands 3.

Winkler went on further to speak about how Borderlands 3 is quite different from RPG games. According to him, Borderlands 3 is “never gonna be that deep RPG with branches of dialogue or anything like that.”

In the past iterations of the game, when an NPC spoke to you, your Vault Hunter didn’t do much to reply back. There were some dialogues like that in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel but other games in the series take a different approach when it comes to dialogues.

Action and story has always been front and center of Borderlands ever since the first game. After all, that is what it does best. Earlier this month, Gearbox creative director Paul Sage confirmed that the Borderlands 3 main story will last around 30 hours. That’s still a lot excluding all the side quests and gun collecting Borderlands players take part in.

Earlier this week, it was also confirmed that David Eddings, the voice of Claptrap will not reprising his role in Borderlands 3. Claptrap will be voiced by a different actor as seen in the trailer.

Borderlands 3, developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, releases for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Epic Store for PC on 13 September 2019.