Borderlands 3 Cursehaven Crew Challenges Guide

Cursehaven is a town found after completing the short mission in the Lodge. In this town, you’ll find a few Crew Challenges to complete. In this Borderlands 3 Cursehaven Crew Challenge Guide, we’ll walk you through the locations of the challenges in the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC.

Borderlands 3 Cursehaven Crew Challenges

Throughout your Borderlands 3 gameplay, you’ll visit large areas and towns where you’ll find new Crew Challenges. Cursehaven is one such large town in the game where you’ll find three Crew Challenges; Gaige’s Gifts, and Mancubus Eldritch Statues and Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt.

Below are the locations for all three crew challenges in Cursehaven in Guns, Love and Tentacles expansion. We will provide you with a written description as well as map location of each Borderlands 3 crew challenge location.

Gaige’s Gifts: Olmstead Square
Visit Olmstead Square and you’ll find Gaige’s Gift; the first Crew Challenge on top of a roof. To reach it, take a look at your right to find the building, climb the stairs on the building and grab the Gift.

Borderlands 3 Cursehaven Crew Challenges

Mancubus Eldrith Statues: Withernot Cemetery
The second Crew Challenge is found inside the Withernot Cemetery. Look for it in an underground tomb. Once you’ve entered the area, shoot the statue to collect it. Keep in mind that before shooting the statue you must complete the Shadow of Cursehaven story mission.

Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt: Kritchy Location
Southwest of the Withernot Cemetery is the place where you’ll find the last Crew challenge, Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt. As soon as you visit this area, you’ll see Kritchy flying around. It doesn’t do much damage so you can easily defeat it to complete the hunt.

After completing all three Crew Challenges, you will get an XP boost and are free to proceed to the next area and do crew challenges there.

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