Borderlands 3 Cloud Save Issues Cause Players To Lose Hours Of Progress

Borderlands 3 cloud save issues are causing players to lose hours of progress, and it appears that the Epic Games Store is to blame.

If you’re one of those people that has bitten the bullet and bought Borderlands 3 for PC on the Epic Games Store, you might want to make sure to back up your saves as much as you can while you’re playing. Apparently, Borderlands 3 cloud save issues are happening pretty frequently right now.

Various news sites have started getting news out that they are loosing huge amounts of progress while playing the PC version of Borderlands 3, which is Epic Games Store exclusive. Apparently, various problems with the service’s cloud saves are responsible.

In a game like Borderlands were there’s a huge amount of stuff to do, a lot of world to explore, and most importantly a lot of guns to collect, losing progress could mean any number of things. You could lose a gun you really really liked, or you can be sent a huge way back from where you started, possibly even to the start of the game if you’re unlucky enough.

This only adds to the various troubles that the Epic Games Store has caused for itself, with various security and technical issues causing the store no end of controversy and only adding to the case against the service itself.

At least one person who had the Borderlands 3 cloud save issues happen to them wondered if their game would have been fine if Borderlands 3 had released on Steam instead of the Epic Games Store, as Steam has a much better track record with its cloud saving.

Hopefully both Epic Games and Gearbox can do something about these Borderlands 3 cloud save issues at some point soon. While it’s likely the sales of the game on PC aren’t nearly as much as the console sales are, an error like this could see those sales decline even more, especially if refunds come into play, even if consoles have their own problems with the game.

You can buy Borderlands 3 now on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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