Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood: Riding to Ruin Walkthrough

This Borderlands 3 Riding to Ruin guide will walk you through all the details regarding this final mission for the Bounty of Blood DLC.

We have divided the Riding to Ruin mission from Bounty of Blood into the parts, objective by objective, as we progress through it. So, let’s get into it right away.

Borderlands 3 Riding to Ruin

The mission will take place on the planet Gehenna, in a small town called Vestige. First, you will have to get to this town, it is best to go through fast travel.

Talk to Juno
The first objective of the mission that you will get is ‘Talk to Juno’. So just fast travel to the town center and you will see Juno to your left right away.

Interact with her and when you are talking, the town center will be attacked.

Defend town center
So the next objective that comes on your screen is to defend the town center. We recommend you use an assault rifle but your best friend would be the grenades.

Use as much as you can to easily and effectively get rid of most of the enemies.

Follow Juno
Clear the area around the town center and then follow Juno to where she goes. She will get you to a place with even more enemies.

Defend Titus and Juno
Now your objective will be to protect Juno as well as Titus who will be already there, fighting those attacking enemies. Again, use as many grenades to easily swipe most of the enemies and clear the area.

Defeat Devils
As you clear the area from all the enemies, dinosaurs, primarily named as devils will spawn and attack you.

Now your objective is to defeat all the spawning devils and defend both Juno and Titus as well.

For these devils, just move around so that they don’t come close to you and keep firing, they will be easy to get rid of this way.

Get back to Juno
After killing all the devils, interact with Juno again and dialogue will start, where Juno will tell you of more bounty that you can get if they take the fight to enemies rather than defending.

Kill Rose and go to Blastplains
Now the next objective will be to kill Rose (the boss) and then go to the Blastplains. Do not worry about the Kill Rose part of the objective and just go to the Blastplains as you will face rose ahead in the mission.

Digistruct Jetveast
Here you will have to go to the mark on the map, which is pointing to catch a ride, get your ride, and get going.

Follow Posse
Here your new objective is to follow Posse. Just keep going to where Juno and Titus are going and your objective will be done.

Wait for Juno to place the bomb
As you reach the place, you will see that enemies have locked up the whole place and you will have to force your way in. So, Juno will place the bomb on the door.

Go to the Crater’s Edge
Now, when the door is blasted, there will be loads of enemies inside. And you can either fight here and kill all of them, or you can run for the objective. Your objective will be to get to the Crater’s Edge which will be shown on the map to the left.

Kill Rose
After reaching the Crater’s Edge, your only objective will be to face and kill the boss, Rose.

Go straight and you will get to the area called, Field Observation Shelter, get inside the lift and you will see a lever on your left. Interact with to start the lift and will get you to where Rose is.

Get off the lift and start walking on the pathway ahead. After you get to the end, jump on the rock to your left and from there to another rock on right. Then to the jumping pad on left and this will get you to a portal.

Portal will get you to an abandoned house, explore inside and you will reach another jumping pad. Jump and slash through the blockage and you will reach the boss, Rose.

The fight can be troublesome if you don’t pay attention. Rose moves very fast so you always have to keep an eye on her movement or it is very easy to lose her and then she can catch you off guard.

She will also open portals from where you will get attacked if you don’t watch and dodge so make sure to keep an eye for those portals as well.

Also make sure to keep a safe distance from her as she along with moving fast, do very strong sword attacks.

If you keep eye on her movement and keep your distance, then the only thing left to do is to keep firing and keep throwing grenades and you will be able to defeat her.

Ruiner Boss
After Rose is down, the real fight begins. The main boss of the mission, Ruiner will wake up and the last fight of the mission starts. It can be an easy fight if you keep your composure.

The boss has strong but very slow attacks which you can easily dodge. It will throw a rolling boulder which will take some to get to you so dodge.

It will also fire a beam from its mouth which will also be linear so just stay away from facing the Ruiner straight.

Now for attacking, we recommend you to fire on the glowing crystals on the back of the Ruiner as they are its weak points and will give it more damage than attacking it on the body anywhere else.

Do keep an eye for the minions that will be thrown from the Ruiner itself and make sure to get rid of them.

After two-third of its health is gone, it will charge at you once and after that it will also jump on the ground, which will create a shockwave, giving you damage.

Dodge all these attacks and keep firing and you will be fine.

Collect all the bounty
After defeating the boss, make sure to collect all the bounty on the whole map. Check every bit, through every corner to get valuable loot on the whole Crater’s Edge.

Go to Blackstoen Plaza
After you are done on the Crater’s Edge, get back to Vestige. Now go to the Blackstone Plaza and interact with Juno.

She will give you a key to the bank vault. Get to the First City Bank and use the key to open the vault in the back. Inside, will be loads and loads of bounty for you as a reward. Enjoy.

This is it, you have completed the Borderlands 3 final mission, Riding to Ruin. Congratulations!