Borderlands 2 Weapons Manufacturers Guide

Borderlands 2 already has a vast array of guns, enough to spoil all the gun-slinging maniacs out there. However, there is much more to guns in Borderlands 2 than it might appear on the surface. Each Borderlands 2 Weapons Manufacturer has their unique guns for players.

Borderlands 2 Weapons Manufacturers

What makes similar guns distinguished or distinctive in Borderlands 2 are the different manufacturers. For example, an SMG made by “Dahl” and another SMG produced by Maliwan will have different characteristics and thus altogether different play styles.

Customization just does not stop here. There are also rare weapon’s components that you can use to accessorize your guns. Accessories here are like Optics, Barrels and extra ammo containing magazines. These nifty little items provide a huge bonus to those who have them equipped.

For more help on Borderlands 2, read our Legendary Weapons, Purple Weapons and Vault Symbols Locations Guide. Here are the gun types and differences between the manufacturers in Borderlands 2:

Sniper Rifles
Snipers are for those who in their hearts are true “Assassins.” If you do not want to get your hands dirty and take out your enemies with just a twitch of your finger from a hundred meters away, then Snipers were made just for you. Any character can get really good at sniping, but you will find Zero to be most able with them as he has a whole skill tree dedicated to the art of sniping.

Dahl: Dahl snipers are oddly not built for precision. Instead, they fire in bursts while zoomed in. This of course results in the fact that they are incredibly inaccurate (except for the first shot), as the barrel jumps around while firing, and they will literally eat through your ammo reserves.

Hyperion: These snipers take some time to ‘get in the groove’ shall we say. Basically, they get more accurate the more you fire them, so if you fire six bullets in quick succession, the recoil from each bullet will be smaller from the one before.

Jakobs: Jakobs Sniper rifles boast the highest pure damage of all the manufacturers. They drop the ball a bit when it comes to fire rate and reload speed but it’s more than made up for by the sheer damage you do with each crit.

Maliwan: If you want some elemental damage done -particularly corrosion- to your enemies along with the normal damage, these sniper rifles are your best picks, the normal damage suffers a bit but it’s a good tradeoff.

Vladof: It does not do much damage when compared with the others but fires bullets at the fastest rate.

Pistols are like the beginner’s weapons in Borderlands 2. They do not fire as rapidly as SMGs but hit the target harder. Furthermore, different variants in this category make these pistols a force to be reckoned with. Please note that pistols host the largest collection of different types than any other form of guns in Borderlands 2.

Dahl: Dahl pistols can be rather useful as they can fire quite rapidly while zoomed in. Additionally, as you can carry about 200 pistol ammo right from the beginning of the game there’s little fear of running out. You might want to upgrade the magazine size though.

Hyperion: Like any other Hyperion weapon, these pistols also take time to settle in. You need to fire a few shots before they stabilize and do some serious damage with the rest of your bullets in the magazine. I personally love these as you can do multiple crits once the accuracy improves but you tend to have to reload just as the going gets good.

Jakobs: Like all Jakobs weapons, these do massive damage (for Pistols). The magazine size tends to be smaller though. They also tend to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Maliwan: These pistols are best utilized when used to deal any form of elemental damage on the enemies. After that when your enemies are burning, corroding or whatever you can finish the job with your other weapons.

Tediore: These guns are both pistol and grenade combined. Once you have expended the ammo the gun will simply explode. Just be sure to toss your gun into a cluster of enemies to do some damage. Furthermore, remember that if you toss the gun with ammo still inside it, the explosion will be bigger.

Torgue: These are really fun weapons, basically they are pistols that shoot mini-rockets. Unfortunately the fire rate leaves something to be desired and the projectile speed is so slow you’ll have trouble hitting anything smaller than a Badass. On the plus side they do splash damage so you don’t actually have to hit the bull’s eye all the time.

Vladof: They are more like smaller machine guns you can unload whole clips on your enemies within a matter of seconds. Real favorite of the trigger-happy juveniles.

Shotguns at close to a mid-range deal the highest amount of damage in Borderlands 2. A good shotgun can just about tear through any armor to deal major damage to the target. If you fire at enemies far away from you most probably you will miss them, but if you do catch them, you will still do some serious damage.

Note that critical hits from shotguns are not as strong as critical hits from other guns though, just to keep things balanced.

Shotguns are best utilized when you are surrounded by a group of hostiles, and you need to take them fast. Think of them as an emergency weapon, used whenever you find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

Bandit: Their ammo capacity is very large but the time it takes them to reload is very long too. So be sure to kill the enemy before the need to reload them comes along.

Hyperion: These shotguns have extra-ordinary accuracy you can fire them at far away targets and still get a hit.

Jakobs: These shotgun fire at a higher pace (as fast as you can pull the trigger) and are more powerful than others, but you will go through your shells rather quickly and will need to reload often.

Tediore: Just like every other shotgun but instead of reloading you toss your shotgun forwards, and it explodes. If you reload with still some shells at your disposal, then the gun will explode with a bigger bang.

Torgue: These shotguns fire missiles instead of pellets dealing super-high damage.

Assault Rifles
Assault Rifles are your bread and butter or go to tool in Borderlands 2. They can deal out damage from mid-long-range and also provide the best all round qualities in the game. They are capable of doing sustained damage over a long period of time.

Bandit: Like everything else from a bandit these rifles are homemade, slapped together from various components. They are not very accurate, but they have the largest magazines of all the manufacturers. If you want to rain bullets on a particular area, this is your weapon.

Dahl: Like all Dahl weapons these fire in bursts when zoomed in, which can be rather annoying when you want to empty your clip in that Badass’ head and the gun stops firing after 3-4 bullets.

Jakobs: They deal some of the highest damage but the recoil is a bit punishing.

Torgue: This Rifle fires rockets. Just be sure to fire them from a long range because they pick more speed as they travel along and thus do more damage.

Vladof: Spray and pray, Vladof Assault rifles fire about a million bullets a minute. Of course this means you’ll run out of ammo really fast.

Rocket Launchers
RPGs fire slowly and they have a very hectic reloading process. However, they cause the biggest bangs in Borderlands 2. Note that you cannot carry more than 27 rockets for your Rpg at any given time. Still Rockets Launchers are the most badass weapons in the game.

Maliwan: These rocket launchers have elemental damage associated with them. However, you are giving up some damage from your rocket to make up for your elemental damage. It’s still a pretty nice tradeoff if the elemental damage you are packing is the one your enemy is vulnerable to.

Tediore: This launcher fires one rocket at a time but even its reload is a rocket launch (sort of), how awesome is that?

Torgue: These rocket launchers fire very slowly but when they hit they make a really big boom. Biggest of the bunch, in fact.

Vladof: Vladof Rocket Launchers consume fewer ammo, which means you can fire them more, but they lack the firepower of other rocket launchers.

SMG spray a lot of bullets but they deal low damage to targets. However, at a mid and close range, these guns are deadly as the rate at which they discharge bullets is lethal. Just modify your SMG to have higher storage in the magazine so you can keep firing away with glee at your enemies.

Bandits: These guns come with a steady fire rate and seem to never run out of ammunition due to the enormous magazines.

Dahl: Dahl SMGs come with a scope so you can also fire at mid to long-range targets. They are very good for burst damage and if you can find one with elemental damage they can be truly devastating.

Hyperion: Hyperion SMGs are amazing, with the high rate of fire SMGs have naturally, coupled with the fact Hyperion weapons get more accurate the more you fire them means that one of the biggest weaknesses of this type of weapon is eliminated.

Maliwan: SMGs produced by the Maliwan with Fire or Corrosive elemental damage can make it so that your enemy is on fire or poisoned for the entire fight.

Tediore: Basically like a really fast pistol of theirs. It explodes when the clip is empty. So be sure to toss it in to a group of your enemies. If you toss it with some ammo still in it, it will explode with a bigger bang. You’ve heard us mention elemental damage a couple of times, but what is it exactly?

Elemental Effects
Occasionally, you’ll come across a weapon that features elemental damage. Fire, Corrosive, Shock, Slag and Explosive each has particular enemies that are more vulnerable to them. So it is a very good idea to have some elemental damage weapons in reserve.

Fire: All living things do not like fire. Keep in mind though that enemies who are fire-based will be resistant to it.

Shock: Shock weapons can bust through enemy shields very quickly.

Corrosive: Want to get through that pesky synthetic material or armor plating to reach your target’s core? Well, use corrosive damage to erode its shiny peel of armor.

Slag: Creatures that have been exposed to Slag take double damage from all other forms of damage.

Explosives: Explosive rounds detonate on impact and unsurprisingly damage everything in their impact zone. They come equip on some guns and are always found on Rocket Launchers

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